Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Physics of Magic ~Living in the NOW!

For those of you out there who might still have doubts about Manifesting, I would like to provide you with a couple of interesting articles about manifesting reality.

When Imagination Creates Reality

Spirit Science and Metaphysics: Proof that Consciousness Creates Reality

There have been purported cases of people's thought forms taking human shape. These thought forms are called Tulpas. The current Slender Man meme is thought to be a Tulpa.
So watch what you think!
And how do you keep those negative, worrying thoughts at bay? Live in the NOW!
When a person worries, they are letting unrealized thoughts intrude into their current consciousness. Those worries can manifest.
How does a person live in the Now? When the gloomy shadow of worry and day to day living begin to creep towards the sunshine of the mind, take a deep breath and feel all that is around you. Feel it with ALL your senses. The Now is precious - it is time which you can never recoup so spend it wisely.
Make time for meditation. Spend at least 5 minutes (preferably 10 or 15) doing absolutely nothing. Do small acts of kindness or generosity. Smile. Express gratitude.
Living in the Now is also called Living Deliberately.
A wise woman once told me, 'If you don't like a situation, then change it. Every person has the ability to change that which bothers them.' If something is bothering you, take action to change it. 
If worries about the health of a loved one are nagging at you, then every time a worry creeps up, push it aside with a positive affirmation - send love, light, and healing energy to the person. Remember the little girl I wrote about in this post? Click Here! She replaced her worries with positive affirmations which manifested.
Need a little help manifesting? Try utilizing what I will call add-ons. These can be herbs, crystals, candles, scents, drawings, colors, etc. These are items which have been used for many a year by those who would be called Witches. (yes, I am proud of that moniker!)
These items help a person focus their energy towards the task at hand. And the energies of the items used will combine with your own. Remember though, The Universe provides what you ask for, it just may not be in the form you thought it would take. So keep an open mind!
Does anyone have any questions, comments, or suggestions on further installments?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Living in the Eternal Now is the way to go alright. Can be tough to achieve sometimes but worth the effort to try.

Robin Larkspur said...

I love the phrase "Living in the Now". I, too, am proud to call myself Witch. I do use many of the "Add-ons" and meditate daily. This makes a world of difference.
The Universe has an infinite supply of solutions. You just have to ask and then trust.
Great, wonderful post, Jeanne!!

the dogs' mother said...

When the kids were little my friends and I would joke, 'when things get back to normal.... there is NO normal' - which is kind of like enjoying now instead of keep fighting it.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good morning, Jeanne -- I answered your "Ask Me Anything" question at my blog today!

Unknown said...

Just discovered you this morning and ALWAYS enjoy being reminded about living in the NOW.Thank you! I agree 100% with what you shared.Vision boards have also been helpful to me.

evilsloth4 said...

Call me toxic but only after getting rid of the clutter of crystals, vision boards and "positive" thinking have I been able to do anything. I wasted decades on forcing that gratitude not worthy of me. I'm here for the candy corn.