Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Physics of Magic ~ Love, Prayer & Manifesting

painting by Jenny Dixon
Last week I wrote about Subtle Energy Fields, Universal Energy, and changing our reality with our thoughts (manifesting). I wrote about how our thoughts can tap into the Universal Energy and interact with the Subtle Energy field and create or change our reality. I also wrote how everything in our world is made up of energy - and because we are made up of energy, we are always in motion or vibrating.

Thoughts and words have power. We often hear quotes and sayings about 'watch your words' or 'watch what you say' or 'don't give that thought a breathe of life'. There's truth in all of those sayings. Different words and thoughts have different vibrations. The stronger the emotion behind the word or thought, the stronger the likelihood that the word or thought will become real.
In 2002, we lived in Louisiana. Our house was about 20 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. On October 1st, a hurricane developed in the Atlantic. It was named Lili. By the time Lili entered into the Gulf of Mexico on Oct. 2nd, it had strengthened to a category 4  hurricane with wind speeds between 130mph -156mph. That kind of wind velocity can blow over a house with ease. Southern Louisiana is very religious - mainly Catholic. So when Hurricane Lili strengthened, the people of southern Louisiana prayed. They prayed that the hurricane would spare them from a vicious onslaught of destruction. By the time Hurricane Lili made its way to shore, it had weakened to a category 1. There was still extensive damage, but the majority was to power poles and trees.  What caused such rapid weakening? At the time, meteorologists were a bit baffled by the sudden decrease in strength - reports now say that cooler water, drier air and vertical wind sheers combined to sap the energy from the storm - but could that combination really 'deflate it' so rapidly as in a matter of a few hours? Maybe. But I know several thousand, if not million, people who will say otherwise. Did the combined energy of the prayers of these thousand(s) people 'take the wind out of Hurricane Lili's sails' ? I say "Yes!" 

Prayers are no more than positive affirmations, positive thoughts that are sent out into the Cosmos to connect with the Universal Energy source. Each and every religion has their own way of 'praying' - it doesn't matter if it is in a church praying to a god, or in the woods speaking with a spirit of nature, or imbuing a candle with positive affirmations and letting those thoughts out to reach a beloved deity as the candle burns - they are all performing the same act. Trying to manifest a change in reality by connecting with a higher and more powerful force.

 A young girl was depressed because her parents were unemployed. The family had been living with the grandparents. The girl's parents had been looking for work for quite some time but the economy was bad and jobs were few and far between. Her parents needed jobs so that the family could move into a place of their own. The little girl was told to say every morning and every time a dark hopeless thought came into her head, 'My parents will find good jobs which will allow us to move into our home.' The little girl said this every morning, every night and every time a dark depressing thought came into her head. And within two weeks, her father had a job and within a month they had their own place to live.
The little girl not only spoke these words but she truly believed in them. The love she felt for her parents and her sibling was evident in the way she spoke the words, the way in which she let the Universe know her need and in the trust she placed in the Universe to fulfill her need. Her Intent was clear, strong and filled with Love.

The Intent which gives the word or thought or phrase life is everything! Words which are spoken with love or thoughts which come from a place of love have more power than those which are casually cast about.  This is why it is so very important to choose your words wisely not only when speaking but also when manifesting. Love causes everything it touches to vibrate at a higher frequency thus bringing it closer to the Source or Universal Energy field. Which in turn assists in the manifestation of the thought. The vibrational energy of not only the person but the words will combine to give the plea/prayer/spell strength and reality. Witches will combine herbs, colors, words in a spell to be bring about change. They are utilizing the combined strength of the items to connect with Universal Energy. When we are able to tap into the Universal Energy, we also connect with the Subtle Energy Field and cause atoms to manifest into reality.

Next week, I'll write about Visualization and Manifesting as well as Personal Energy or Chi. And as always, I welcome comments, questions and suggestions.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I like the idea of thoughts and prayers being able to manifest results, I'm just not convinced that it works so directly.

Jeanne said...

Debra ~ I used to think the same thing but I have experienced & seen way too much to doubt any more.

the dogs' mother said...

Unitarians are open to anything. If we need to decide something we form a committee. Then we form a committee on how the committee went. Then we drive ourselves a bit nutty and then we take a deep breath and ignore the committees...

Aine O'Brien said...

Thank you for this very timely post. I have been feeling a bit troubled by a family members insistence that I pray for this and that. It felt like she was pushing her religion on me. You have reminded me that I can take back and own the word "prayer" and direct the energy in the way that I want, to whatever I want. This has answered a lot of my questions.

Jeanne said...

I used to get upset when someone would say they would 'pray' for me (or a member of my family). But not anymore. We all pray/put our intentions out into the Universe in our own unique way.