Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Musings ~ Insistance

My prompt for the Monday Musings have been the Celtic Tree Oracle cards. I will pull a card every Sunday and then ponder its message.
I always shuffle the cards quite well.
Well...Yesterday I shuffled the cards, pulled one out, and behold, it was The Beech card. The same card I drew two weeks ago. My first thought was that maybe I hadn't shuffled real well. So I inserted the card back into the deck and reshuffled - not once but three times! Once again I drew a card. It was The Beech. So I sat quiet for a couple minutes, placed the drawn card back into the deck and reshuffled. This next time I drew The Sea - last Monday's card. Hhhhmmmm....
I know a person isn't supposed to keep pulling cards till they get the one they want. And that wasn't the purpose of me re-drawing the cards. I guess, I wanted to see if the Universe had any other message for me besides the same one I had been receiving for the last two weeks.
So one last time I reshuffled and pulled a card. This time I pulled Heather.

The Heather card also represents Mistletoe. The two combine to guide the person into closer contact with the world of spirit and the resulting healing this pathway can lead to. Mistletoe is also called 'all heal' by the ancients and many modern medicines contain its derivatives. Heather is considered a gateway between the Spirit World and the Fertile Earth.
It's interesting that all three of these cards are dealing with hidden knowledge - whether it be knowledge that is hidden deep within ourselves or knowledge that is hidden away and we must search for it in various writings or in the knowledge of others. These cards also speak of accessing this knowledge through a journey to lands which can only be reached by crossing through a veil.
A little back story - The reason I have been using the Celtic Tree Oracle deck is because it is the only oracle card deck I have. But also because it contains the Ogham runes or alphabet. I have been researching the relationship of the written Ogham language and languages of other civilizations. Because there is ancient Ogham writing in Colorado and researching it has led me down a rabbit hole so deep, I ended up in Mesopotamia.
The Universe is wanting me to take that next step and realize what is beyond that closed curtain. But how?


RPLancaster said...

Are you pulling these cards for me?

They are all the things I'm dealing with now; change, deeper knowledge and a greater connection to Spirit.

Much to ponder...

the dogs' mother said...

Well, good luck!

Robin Larkspur said...

This sounds like a deep and long journey.

Rue said...

Oh, I love rabbit trails and mysterious journies! The cards are definitely telling you something.

Aine O'Brien said...

I have been receiving these messages too. I bet many people are.