Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Magic and Physics ~ Vibration & Frequency

painting by Jenny Dixon
We're back to Vibration today. 
I found this article, Click Here! , that speaks of Vibration and its use in Magic. 

Because we are made up of atoms and atoms are always in motion, we are made up of Energy in Motion or Vibrational Energy. In fact everything in this existence is made of Vibrational Energy.  The frequency we vibrate at will determine many things in our life. It will determine how we interact with other people, it determines how we interact with machines, it also determines what is attracted to us. 
Have you ever met someone who really seemed to 'mesh' with you? You both may not have the same opinions or likes, yet you get along with this other person quite well. Why? The vibrational frequencies of the two people will compliment each other. Imagine two different songs being played at the same time. And both songs are complimentary to the other. When a person encounters someone with an uncomplimentary vibrational frequency, then discord will arise.
Some people are able to match their vibration with those of machines. These people are able to fix machines with ease. People who can match their vibration with that of plants have green thumbs. And so on.
When a person can raise their vibration to a higher frequency, then positive things happen to that person. But how does one go about raising their vibration? By letting your higher emotions take over. Let love, joy, happiness, gratitude rule your thoughts. When doom and gloom invade the mental facility, then dark energy is what you will attract. Like attracts like! Just remember though, nothing happens over night. Once you begin living with the higher frequency emotions, it may take a bit for the Universe or Source Energy to clear out all the gloom and doom from your life in order to make room for the good stuff.
People need to learn to let go of those negative thoughts. There is no room for grudges, resentment, jealousies, or any other emotion that causes a person to feel mad, sad, or gloomy. And while bad and disconcerting things will always occur in a person's life, it is these obstacles that help a person to grow into a better person.

Some interesting tidbits -
DNA strands communicate with each other at a frequency of 7.83Hz The heartbeat of the planet (aka Schumann Resonance*) is said to be roughly 7.83 Hz. Coincidence?
*Schumann Resonance - Here!  And Here!

Nikola Tesla discovered Schumann Resonance (1800s) long before Prof. W.O. Schumann discovered them in 1952.  Tesla made that discovery when he was living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My current home town. Coincidence?

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." Nikola Tesla

"What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter." Albert Einstein

next week - how to use vibrational energy to your advantage


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evilsloth4 said...

I think of darkness in terms of night and space, not doom or gloom which the most spiritual people I know that are happily friends with their god that's sending me to hell for not smiling for them have professed. I believe you, though. Atoms vibrate in my brain.

Aine O'Brien said...

I love love this series! I am struggling to keep away the negative thoughts, so thank you for even more motivation!

RPLancaster said...

Energy, Vibration and our Light Within.......That's so COOL!