Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Physics of Magic ~ Visualization, Manifesting and Collective Thought

painting by Jenny Dixon
When working magic, we are taught that intent - the aim or purpose - of the spell is very important. That we should keep our 'intent', our purpose in working the magic, at the forefront of our mind the whole time we are actually doing the magic or spell.
 Visualization is almost as important as intent. What you see in your mind's eye (third eye) is as important as your intent. We need to clearly 'see' what we hope to achieve with the magic (spell) that we are putting our energy into. This is how the energy you are working with is able to bring about change. 
If the energy wave anticipated you seeing a lamp next to the chair it is because you were quite clear and comfortable with the fact that it would be there. You visualized or saw in your 'mind's eye' the lamp next to the chair. 

When visualizing, a person need not get too detailed or too specific. One of the main reasons a spell or magical working fails is because the person either failed to properly visualize the end result or too much information or too many details were given.  Say you wish to work a spell to increase your monthly salary. If you simply see yourself being richer or say that you wish to be richer, then the Universe may not understand that you are referring to money or you may get money but it may take months or years down the road to manifest. But if you 'see' yourself going to the bank on payday and making a large monetary deposit or request more money to be able to make your bills, then the Universe has a better idea of what you are trying to manifest. 
Let the Universe know what your need is but let the Universe deliver in its own way. We will go back to the money spell - when working on that manifestation, don't tell the Universe how to manifest the money but just let it be known that you are in need of money for (fill in the blank).

It is best to meditate (something I am currently working on improving) prior to any sort of magic. Then explain what you are trying to achieve. I do this out loud as it sometimes helps to clear any lingering cobwebs about the request. Then I will play out a narrative in my head while I am actually physically casting the spell. I then replay this narrative in my head on a daily basis. Sometimes several times a day. I will even replay the narrative during meditation sessions. This reinforces with the Universe the manifesting. If you choose to use other items in your spell, then keep your intent and visualization front and foremost in your mind while you are gathering or preparing the items. 

You visualizing what you want to manifest tells the energy particles, the energy wave, what to become. Love, a very powerful emotion, can add a great deal of power to any magical working. There is truth in the old adage, All You Need is Love. Love is amazing and can cause miracles to happen. The emotion of Love will raise a person's vibration to a higher frequency so that you are closer to the creative Source. I wrote about a good example in last week's post. The love that the people of southern Louisiana felt for each other and for their land was so strong that when they all prayed together a vast and immediate change occurred to a powerful hurricane. Yes, there is definitely a better ability to bring about positive changes if more people think the same thing.
We, as Light and Energy Beings, can bring about positive changes to mankind and to the planet if we would only visualize them with the love that is in our hearts.


the dogs' mother said...

Interesting :-)

Aine O'Brien said...

I've been thinking about this post for days now. I am now trying to monitor my worrying and trying to project my intentions instead.

Thank you!

Lauren Farrow said...

This is like the old adage, "Be careful what you wish for."

You have to be very clear about what you visualize and that is so hard to do! I saw a commercial recently where a genie appears and asks, "What wish can I grant you?"

The guy says, "I want a thousand bucks!"

Then a thousand deer appear.