Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Fire! ~ pt. 2

This is the map which came out on Saturday evening. The beige is the initial mandatory evacuation zone. Pink was pre-evacuation - some of which is now under mandatory evacuation. The dark red was the initial burn on Friday. The lighter red is where the fire went on Saturday. There wasn't much growth on Sunday because the wind was calmer and the humidity higher.
The fire is believed to have started about 12:30pm on Friday. Deputies were immediately dispatched to the subdivision to knock on doors and warn everyone to get out - cell service is very sparse in this area. Because the winds were so strong and the air and vegetation was so dry, the fire quickly 'blew up'. The situation rapidly grew grim as many deputies and residents were then caught behind the fire line and rescue efforts were begun. Fortunately everyone got out okay and the pets which were at home by themselves were all rescued by the end of the day Saturday. Large animals took longer to evacuate and help was enlisted from as far away as Denver to get them all out. 
This mountain community has been incredible in offering their homes, pastures and any resource they may have to help those in need. It is a shame people can't get along like this when there are no disasters.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Fire! ~ pt.1

It's that time of year that many people look forward to - Summer. While it can be fun and relaxing for most folks. There are those out there that do not look forward to the hot, dry days which Summer can bring. Especially those people who live in areas that can be affected by wildfire.
This Summer has been a long, hot, dry, windy affair here in Colorado. Emphasis on the hot, dry, windy part. Rain has been sparse and the grasses and trees are showing extreme signs of stress. These conditions are perfect for wildfires to ignite and spread quickly. Smelling smoke and seeing the gorgeous Rockies through a haze quickly becomes the norm.
The 416 Fire by Durango started our Wildfire Season. Then the Spring Fire in the San Luis Valley burst into life, followed by many others. And I have only mentioned a few of the numerous fires around our lovely state.
The cause of the 416 Fire is unknown at this time. It has burned over 49,000 acres and is only 37% contained. The cause of the Spring Fire was a human. No excuse for that! It is still raging with a mere 5% containment and over 50,000 acres burned. And hundreds of people have been evacuated.
The latest fires in Colorado are closer to home. The Weston Pass Fire burning south of Fairplay is just a bit over 6,000acres and caused by lightning. The Chateau Fire, west of Cripple Creek, is now at 1300+acres and is at 0% containment. 

All the above photos are of the Chateau Fire.

I am going to write about the Chateau Fire because this writer and her hubby are directly affected. Our little cabin and the gorgeous land and magnificent trees are being impacted. You see, the fire is currently on the second ridge directly to the east of our place. Literally knocking on our door. Our place was in the initial evacuation zone. Rumors of human cause have been whispered of but no confirmation has been given. And a true investigation cannot begin until the fire is out. While our cabin is not our primary residence, our worry is still there and very real. You see, our property has more than a dozen culturally modified trees on it. Probably more. These trees were modified hundreds of years ago. They are living artifacts of a time and people who we know not much about. They are priceless treasures which cannot be replaced. Yes, they would eventually die. But a natural death is so much better than a brutal loss to something like fire. And the animals which have been displaced, hurt or died...My heart mourns for them.
Map of Chateau Fire. Our area is circled in blue.

Please keep us in your prayers tonight. Some positive affirmations for a quick containment on all fires would be greatly appreciated. ♥

***All information given in this post was current at noon on Monday, July 2, 2018***

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Cat Tales ~ Green Excesses

Mommy has a green thumb. She loves flowers and trees and all things growing in the dirt.
Mommy said she wanted to  make the new place look bee-utiful. A place that when people who stop to look at the old house say, "WoW! Look at those flowers. And at this altitude!"

{{Mommy said that the people who stop in the street or on the sidewalk out in front of the house are taking pictures of the house because it is old and pretty. Me disagrees. Those people are taking pictures of ME! cause Me is so handsome and Me likes to sit in the front window to show off Me's fantastic good-looks}}

Back to Mommy and her thumb. Mommy ordered seeds to plant to make her garden pretty. But she didn't want to plant the seeds in the ground. She wanted to plant the seeds in the house. Really???  I know those Doggies are pigs but Me didn't think the floor was that dirty!

Mommy got a mini-greenhouse - that's what Mommy called it. Me told her that it wasn't very green but she pointed out that the shelves and supports were green. And soon, Mommy said, there would be green in the trays and trays and trays and trays of dirt sitting in the greenhouse.
Well, Mommy wasn't wrong. There are trays and trays and trays and trays of green everywhere in the house. Mommy said that as soon as the weather breaks, she would be planting the green outside.

Now, how do you break the weather???

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Pepe came for a visit

image source
What better way to celebrate May Day than with an odoriferous post!

A few weeks back Pepe came for a visit at our house and one of the Dogs encountered him. Actually, he showed up in the middle of the night.

One of the Dogs just HAD to go outside in the middle of the night. So Hubby gets up and lets the Dogs out - without thinking. Then we realized just why the Dog HAD to go outside. He had heard something lurking in the yard (why can't they do that when the Coon is snooping around?)

Well, Hubby let the Dog back in the house not realizing the Dog had been sprayed, Hubby just thought Dog had scared a skunk away from the yard. Dog then promptly came into our bedroom and immediately tried to rub the spray off his neck and chest onto our carpet! AUGH!!!!!

So, at 2am I ushered Dog back outside, Hubby to bed and set a bowl of vinegar in bedroom to kill some of the odor so Hubby could get some sleep. I then researched what to use on Dog. And carpet.

Long story short, I used hydrogen peroxide and baking soda on Dog. I made a mixture of the two with some added dog shampoo which contained coconut oil. I rubbed this mix into his fur especially around the neck and chest where the skunk had sprayed. I let it sit for about 5 minutes then added water and proceeded to wash Dog. Hubby came home later with a skunk deodorizer shampoo which worked very well. 

Bedroom carpet was cleaned with skunk deodorizer shampoo and then again with regular rug shampoo. Dog also received another bath three days later. Faint odor lasted about 2 wks but Hubby said it was all in my head - he couldn't smell it.  I have since taken measures to help insure Pepe can no longer come to visit the yard. I have planted flowers on the outside of the fence!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Homes w/Soul

Thank you for the comments on my last post. 

The Dog's Mother - Kudos to your daughter! I am discovering more and more of her generation truly appreciate the craftsmanship which went into the old houses.

Mittens - I love to hear stories about people who have lovingly restored these glorious homes. Hubby and I have always been on the 'other end' of the house restoration - we restore the house and then end up selling it and moving on to the next one. This is the first time we have owned a house which has already been restored (at least 95%). There are some things we wish to do to give it that "POP". We want to restore the gingerbread around the front eave, upgrade the front porch light, new picket fence. 
All minor details. But then, The Devil is in the Details......

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Soul-less Houses

There's a saying, "The Devil is in the Details". 
This couldn't be more accurate when it comes to the Victorian Houses found in small towns across the globe. It used to be main-stream thinking to demolish these old beauties and put up some under-engineered stick built dwelling. In many locales, these houses are seen as a boon to the community and they have been lovingly restored. In some towns, developers have gotten hold of these homes and have kept the exterior but have completely 'modernized' the interior. Tearing out and not replacing beautiful woodwork, ornate doorknobs, or other details which add to the charm, the Soul of the House. 
Those are the Soul-less Houses.

A house in Cripple Creek that was recently sold
The interior of the above house could be an apartment
or small condo located in Anywhere, USA

When gaming was established in Colorado. There was a new kind of land rush to the state. People focused on making a quick buck swooped in, bought up real estate (both commercial and private), and then did their darnedest to turn a quick profit. I understand that the commercial establishments had to do a fair amount of remodeling in order to bring old buildings up to the modern building safety codes. But I think that a little more care could have been taken in designing the brand new buildings so they blended in with the old ones a wee bit better.
Proposed expansion for a local casino
To me, the details say it all about a house. And all the people, who over the years, have left their mark on that house. Our house was purchased, along with several others, by a retired gentleman in the 1990's, not long after gaming was established. This man did his best to modernize these houses and yet retain as much of the old charm as he could. I commend this guy! And it is because of his attention to detail that we have a home with a Soul.

Original light fixtures (modernized) with embossed wallpaper on ceiling and walls, crown molding, chair rails all add to the original ambiance of the house

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Old Sew-n-Sew

For those of you out there who like to sew. Here is a link to a source for free vintage patterns. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Can it Be?

Happy Joyous Spring!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

For The Working Girls

Hubby and I recently attended a charity event,   Pearl's Follies, to raise money for the local Working Girls and their place of business - The Old Homestead House. They are hoping enough money was raised to pay off the mortgage on the building.
Old Homestead House present day
Old Homestead House - 1950s picture
The Old Homestead House was the most notorious Parlour House in Cripple Creek and is only one of three historic buildings of this type (brothel) known to exist in the US. This establishment was owned and operated by Madame Pearl De Vere.

Pearl De Vere began her business career in Denver and became wealthy by catering to only the richest men. She came to Cripple Creek in 1893 to capitalize on the wealth created by the gold rush. One night with one of her 'girls' cost upwards of $250! And this was in a time when $3 a day was considered good wages for a miner. Needless to say, most of her clientele were the wealthy business men of the District.
The Old Homestead House is located on Meyers Avenue, the red light district of Cripple Creek. Brothels and 'cribs' (small houses for prostitutes - generally one room) lined this street. The original building was a wood structure and it burned to the ground in the Fire of 1895 which burned most of the town of Cripple Creek. Pearl had the building rebuilt, but this time it was constructed from bricks. She spared no expense in the construction and especially in the decorating of the interior. Velvet wallpaper was purchased for the dining room, brass door and cabinet hardware came from India, electric crystal chandeliers hung from the ceilings, a telephone was installed along with an intercom. And the new building had two indoor bathrooms! The upstairs rooms had windows so that gentlemen callers could view 'the goods' before deciding on who they would stay the night with. During this tragic time, Pearl was most generous to those affected by the fire by providing food and other needed items.

In 1897, Pearl was found unconscious in her room and later died from an overdose of morphine. Her death was ruled an accidental overdose but many suspected it to be suicide because she had been scorned by a previous lover.

Pearl's funeral filled the streets of Cripple Creek. A brass band led the funeral procession to Mt. Pisgah Cemetery.

Today the old Parlour House is a museum with the majority of the original furnishings. A fun and knowledgeable staff  are ready to give guided tours. 

Here is a link to our visit to the classiest bawdy house in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. CLICK HERE!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Cripple Creek Ice Festival 2018~ pt.3

The second weekend of the Ice Festival saw record crowds fill the streets of Cripple Creek. And the additional sculptures added to the magic. 

The sculptures stay up for an additional week for visitors and residents to enjoy. Can't wait to see what's in store for next year!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Cripple Creek Ice Festival 2018 ~ pt.2

While the first day of the event brought a snowstorm to the area, the second day was gorgeous! The beautiful sunshine allowed people to fully enjoy the frosty creations.

In Cripple Creek, no event is complete unless there are DONKEYS!
The City had another shipment of ice brought in before the second weekend because in the past, the ice has melted in the warm temperatures, causing the sculptures to look a bit sad. But this year was different. The cold stuck around all week and the new ice allowed the sculpting teams to create more beautiful-ness. 

Next time we'll take a look at the second batch of sculptures and some night-time views.