Monday, July 28, 2014

Book Review ~ The Monster Hunter's Manual

After the death of their parents, brothers Gabriel and Alex are sure that they'll never have another happy moment or have another family. When the boys end up in France living in a castle with their Aunt, they realize that they are starting a new chapter in their lives. A chapter which would soon be filled with magic and mystery. And with the camaraderie of a talking skeleton, a vampire afraid of the dark, and the ghost of a little girl, the boys learn a valuable lesson about family.
I loved this book! I read a lot of the books which I send to my grandchildren - books written for pre-teens and even younger are fun, light reading. And I am able to discuss the book with my grandson or granddaughter. Jessica Penot has created characters that jump to life and endear themselves to the reader. I could see both my grandkids, an 8yr old and a 14 yr old, reading this book. The book is not lengthy nor too hard to follow, a perfect read for young readers. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tipi News

Don't miss out on updates about our new Abode! Click here to go to the blog, Embracing the Elements, a blog about our 'soon-to-be' life in a Tipi. Be sure to become a follower! I plan on posting over there approx. every two weeks. See ya there!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weird Wednesday ~ Skin's Sense of Smell

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Your skin has scent receptors similar to your nose. But instead of triggering memories, alerting us to danger or causing us to relax, the skin's scent receptors can cause the skin to repair itself. 
Scientists in Germany have discovered that the scent of Sandalwood can cause the skin to repair damage. Aromatherapy anyone?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Book Review ~ The Devil Drinks Coffee

The Devil Drinks Coffee by Destiny Ford

Kate Saxee has returned to her hometown of  Branson Falls, Utah to take the job of editor of The Tribune. Being a small rural farming community, Branson Falls never has a lot of newsworthy happenings. If it wasn't for Kate's accident prone mother, there might not be any news to report. Until the body of a girl is found in the local lake.
Kate launches her own investigation in regards to the cause of death and in the process, meets a handsome and mysterious local, becomes reaquainted with an old high school crush, and becomes the center of innumerable threads of gossip. With the help of the mysterious local and a desire to find out the truth, Kate solves the mystery behind the girl's death. 

The Devil Drinks Coffe is a fun read. Angela Corbett has written a book that rivals those of Janet Evanovich. Branson Falls is a typical small rural town with a variety of characters that you love to hate - all very real. The plot moves along well with no slow spots. The perfect murder mystery with a hint of romance.