Sunday, October 19, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

Cat Tales ~ New Trick

Whoever said an Old Dog Human can't learn a new trick or two was wrong!
And Me can prove it!
But let Me start at the beginning...

Mommy's big 'puter recently stopped computing. Mommy was bummed. So Daddy got her a new one. This one is different from the old one. It has a fancy window that let's a person use their paw hand to control the pictures shown. It also has a different sort of brain - more 'advanced' said Mommy. But Mommy has been muttering a lot under her breathe when she uses it. Mommy said it would take her some time to get used to it and Daddy has been teasing her about 'Old Dogs and New Tricks'. That's usually when Mommy throws something at Daddy and Daddy walks away laughing.

Well, that got Me thinking. Could Me possibly teach an old dog or human a new trick or two? So when Mommy was busy, Me got on the new 'puter and did some research about teaching 'new tricks'.  And then Me put into action what Me learned.
First Me squalled to go outside. Then Me jumped up on the shelf by the front door and pushed the big white button. A bell sounded inside and Mommy came to the door. Mommy was so surprised that Me was there. Mommy let me in,exclaiming what a Smart Kitty I was. Me rubbed against Mommy's leg and purred real loud.

A little while later, after Me's nap, Me squalled at the door to go out. Mommy let Me out. After Me took another nap in a nice Sun Puddle, Me jumped up on the shelf and pushed the big white button that makes the bell ring inside. Mommy came to the door once again. Mommy told Me how Cute Me is and how Smart Me is. Me rubbed against Mommy's leg.
So, after Me got a bite to eat and used the litter box, Me squalled once more to go out. Mommy muttered something about needing to hire a doorman as she walked to the door. After Me had inspected the perimeter of the yard, Me once again pushed the big white bell button. This time when Mommy opened the door, she was muttering. Mommy must've been working on the new 'puter.....

Me has managed to teach Mommy to come to the door when me wants in. Me reinforced this new training with ample leg rubs and flashing Mes cute eyes. So take heart all you Kitties out there! It is possible to train your Human, no matter the age!

And on a side note.......Me found the new 'puter quite easy to use. Me just used Mes paw, and even Mes tail, to make the 'puter compute. Me doesn't see why Mommy has a problem...

Purz and Catnip Dreams.......Gomez

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014

Cat Tales ~ REALLY?

*** This is a reprint of a Guest post Gomez wrote for my other blog, Embracing the Elements. Gomez always has something to say... ***

Mommy has been talking to Us Kitties about the changes that will happen next year. She said Wes are going to move back to the country (well, actually she said to the mountains but that's like the country in my book!) but we weren't going to be living in a conventional house. She said that Wes going to lives in something called a TIPI. Then Mommy showed Mes this picture.

Mommy said that the tipi Wes would be living in would be much, much larger than this. Mes wondering why Me can't have Mes own Tipi....
She said that there would be a wood stove in  the winter to curl up next to. And sunny rocks to bask on in the summer sun. And Catnip growing in the Aspen Grove. 
Sounded like Heaven to Me until Mommy said that We would have a job to do. REALLY?
Me? A job? Me thought Mes job was to curl up next to the wood stove and soak up the heat or to bask in the sun or to monitor the growth of the Catnip.
Mommy said that We Kitties would have to catch the Vermin that would sneak into the Tipi. REALLY?
Me catch bugs and mice? REALLY? 
Does Mommy not realize that Me cannot catch "Vermin"? That is a project for the younger Kitties. Mes job is to SUPERVISE the catching of the Vermin
Me thinks Me needs to have a talk with Mommy!

Purz and Catnip Dreams.......Gomez