Monday, March 13, 2017

While you were away....

Oops! Guess you weren't the one was me!

It has been an awfully long time since I have had a free minute to sit down and write a post. You see, I started working full time last summer. An opportunity arose and I took it. I have worked off-n-on in the automotive industry for most of my life. My first real job was in a repair shop and now I am back in a similar environment. I mask cars that are ready for a new paint job. Many people consider it to be tedious work but I enjoy it. It gives me time to ponder things and is an outlet for some of my creativity. I cover the parts of the car which are not to be painted with masking paper and plastic. May sound simple but speed and precision are required. Speed is something that has come with experience, even though I am not as fast as some younger people, my precision is good and makes up for the (lack of) speed. 
an example of a car masked and ready for paint.
image source
Working in this environment is dirty and can be stressful at times. I don't mind the dirt and dust. But the stress has been an adjustment. New personalities to adapt to, so many aches and pains at the end of the day, the 'mad rush' to get cars painted and out on time and a serious lack of free time.
Hubby and I share the chores and meal preparations. We still go on our weekend hikes as the weather allows. And we still are working towards a simpler way of life. We have continued to downsize by selling or bartering what we have for what we need for the mountain residence. At this point we only need windows, a door and of course materials for the building. And building materials do seem to show up at the most unexpected times. Also, we have purchased a vintage camp trailer to live in while we build our cabin. Once we move into the cabin full-time, we will give the trailer a make-over for the guest(s) who will undoubtedly come to visit.

I miss my writing. And often find myself talking like I write....
I miss my creating. While masking cars is a bit creative, it is nothing like bringing something to life from bits and bobs. I have been getting rid of my art supplies. Living in a small space does not allow a person to 'hoard' much. And I want to concentrate on only a few things - like sculpting and sketching. So most everything that doesn't have to do with those has been put on the sell/barter list.
I miss my research. Having a short amount of free time has made me become more selective about what I read and from who. (I read on my lunch break)
A new grandbaby was born recently. Zaviar Alexander. The delivery doctor has said he is somewhat of a miracle. The umbilical cord was twisted like a pretzel and had only one artery instead of the normal two. The doctor said that most babies with those conditions in the womb are born premature and underweight. Zaviar went full term and weighed in at 9lbs. 3oz.! 

Spring has come early here. The trees all have expanding buds and it won't be long before the leaves are popping out. The cycle of life continues.....

Monday, February 27, 2017

Is Sasquatch a SLIder?

Bigfoot Festival, Honobia, Oklahoma
Is Sasquatch a SLIder?

What is a SLIder you ask?  A SLIder is someone who has strange phenomenon occur, particularly to electrical devices, while in their presence. This can include, but is not limited to -

  • Appliances such as lamps or TV's go on and off without being touched.
  • Light bulbs constantly blow when a SLIder tries to turn a light on or off.
  • Volume levels on TV's, radios, or stereos change on their own.
  • Wrist watches stop working.
  • Children's electronic toys start by themselves whenever a SLIder is present.
  • Credit Cards and other magnetically encoded cards are damaged or erased when in a SLIder's possession.
  • Cell phones calls will be interrupted by static or the call will be dropped.
  • Street lights will turn off when a SLIder is near and then turn themselves back on after the SLIder has passed by.
  • Photographic equipment may malfunction or photographs will look bleached out or be out of focus.
  • Computers will malfunction - freeze or reboot on their own.

The term SLIder stands for Street Light Interference. This phenomenon was first noticed occurring to street lights, probably because street lights were among some of the first electrical devices among the public. 
What causes these strange occurrences to happen? It is speculated that this effect might be caused by electronic impulses in the brain. All of our thoughts and movements are the result of electrical impulses generated by the brain. These electrical impulses travel back and forth through a person's nerves, spinal cord and brain and in turn generate an electromagnetic field. Something every person has. Most SLIders seem to have an unusually strong electromagnetic field. Could these electrical impulses also affect things outside the body?

British researcher, Hilary Evans compiled hundreds of reports of SLIder interference. These reports can be found in his book, SLIders: The Enigma of Streetlight Interference . Through these reports, Evans determined that SLI is not a conscious action, but appears to occur when the SLIder is in an extreme emotional state (extreme anger and extreme sadness being the top two emotions felt). It's possible that this extreme emotional state creates an excess amount of (electrical) energy which in turn may travel through the air (ether) and interfere with the electromagnetic field of an electronic item.

Formal studies have not been done - the scientific community has a hard time believing in something which cannot be seen. But many researchers of the unknown feel that the energy of a location (geomagnetic/geo-electrical/vibrational) can enhance the phenomenon and even amplify a person's electromagnetic field, thus causing the SLI effect to be stronger and occur more frequently.  

Now, back to Sasquatch.  

Many researchers have found that trail cameras (a.k.a. game cameras) will malfunction when placed in areas with known or suspected Sasquatch activity. Pictures taken on trail cameras will often appear white (or 'bleached out') or be of an unusual color. Date and time stamps will read incorrectly or batteries will go dead unusually fast. Videos taken will also have unusual portions - similar to what happens with trail cam photos. 

People who have interacted with Sasquatch report unusual electrical activity. Anything from static electricity in the air to the feel of a jolt of electricity running through a person's body. What if Sasquatch is able to access the electrical energy created by his own body and project that electromagnetic field outwards, causing electrical devices to malfunction? Or perhaps even to disorient his prey so that he may get a meal? There are humans who are able to do this - project their 'energy' outwards. Have you ever been in a group of people when you just 'knew' someone had arrived without actually seeing him or her? You were picking up on that person's energy as they entered the room.

The movie, OHMAWING, addresses this 'electrical phenomenon' associated with Sasquatch. 

Many researchers report that Sasquatch activity lessens when trail cameras or auditory recording devices are put in place. Could the same electrical ability which Sasquatch uses to disable electronics make him sensitive to the electric fields generated by those devices? Thus allowing him to avoid areas where cameras are located? There are humans who are sensitive to electrical fields generated by various household devices as well as cell towers and high voltage power lines. 

Many animals are sensitive to the earth's magnetic fields and use that ability to guide them in their migrations. If we humans weren't bombarded by the various sources of electrical/magnetic interference in the ether, would we not also be better 'in tune' to the Earth's energies around us?

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Vendetta of Felipe Espinosa

Here is a link to the video of the August 2016 Pikes Peak Historical Society Chautauqua, "The Vendetta of Felipe Espinosa" presented by author, Adam James Jones.

"As the Civil War raged and goldfields beckoned, a gunman stalked the territories on a mission to kill American settlers. He would elude governors and armies, bounty hunters and posses, until his demise at the climax of a fierce high-country manhunt. By the, Felipe Espinosa had claimed more than thirty lives to quietly become one of the nation's first serial killers and foreign terrorists.
A sweeping historical epic The Vendetta of Felipe Espinosa is a saga of Confederate guerrillas, marauding Indians, a severe religious order vigilante miners, and one migrant family looking for peace in a violent country."