Monday, February 2, 2009

The Neighbor's Cat

A couple months back, I introduced you to the Art Critic that lives with my Hubby and me. His name is Gomez. And yes, he was named after Gomez Addams.

Well, he has been hanging around the neighbor's place a lot lately. I was afraid the neighbors would come over and complain. But I soon learned why he has been over there so much.

I overheard a conversation between Gomez and another of our cats about a new Kitty in the neighborhood. It seems it's a girl Kitty by the name of Kallie. And she belongs to the neighbors.

Sorry about the blurred picture - Kallie is quite elusive when it comes to having her picture taken. It seems that she was once a Super Model (she still has a pencil thin figure) and is now retired and is working on becoming a cupcake decorator. She is probably camera-shy because of all the paparazzi that used to follow her around.

It appears that Kallie and Gomez have become good friends. And I'm sure it won't be long before Gomez is wanting to have her over for supper. We're anxious to meet her!


Jenny said...

Kallie is quite beautiful! I can see why she was a model! Hope she has success with the cupcakes. What varieties does she make? Tuna?

Jeanne said...

Actually, Kallie doesn't make the cupcakes - she only decorates them. She creates the cutest little swirls and her trademark design is to mound the icing up in the middle. I'm not sure how she does it......