Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weird Wednesday ~ Denver Int'l Airport

Rumors and speculation abound about anomalies that occur at Denver International Airport.

Let's begin with the horse statue that greets visitors outside DIA. The Mustang has glowing red eyes - quite an eerie site for unsuspecting travelers. Red lights were installed in the eyes so that they might always glow - "to ward off evil spirits" according to airport spokesmen. During the construction of the Mustang, a broken cable caused a piece of the horse to severe an artery and pin the artist to his studio floor where he bled to death.

Then there are the Gargoyles that watch over the Baggage Claim area - to ensure that baggage arrives safely.

Many people believe that the airport in Denver (DIA) is the home base for the New World Order  and it sits upon a giant tunnel network. Other conspiracy theorists believe that these tunnels are  part of a FEMA concentration camp or possibly a home base for an alien Reptilian race. Strange electromagnetic pulses have also been known to generate from the area.


Knickertwist said...

That horse is terrifying! Those gargoyles however are fantastic.

Justine's Halloween said...

This post was fun and nostalgic for me! I have family in Colorado and have gotten used to that airport. The gargoyles are a familiar site. They always seemed to be mocking us as we waited for our baggage. ;) It's a funny place for them to be. I just learned about the evil, red-eyed horse a few years ago. Wonderful picture of him, by the way. The information in the last paragraph of your post is completely new to me. I had no idea about any secret tunnels!