Monday, March 19, 2012

Cat Tales ~ Jane, cont.

Me takes offense at some of the comments left about Me's previous post about our new Roomie - Cousin Jane.

Me's nice to Cousin Jane, even if she is a cranky old lady! Jane fusses at Me and she fusses at Goliath too. But Jane likes Sylvester. They run around the house and play together. But Me doesn't fuss back at Jane cause Me knows that she is an old Kitty and old Kitties can sometimes be FUSSY! (And Me may be mischievous but Me isn't mean!)

That's Jane sitting on the placemat on the table
Me shares Mes sun puddles with her 'cause Me knows that warm sun puddles make old Kitties feel good. And Jane is really cranky so Me figures that Jane needs all the sun she can get so she'll be happier.

Me has a special request for Me's Readers today. If you are out Blog-hopping, please stop by Rue's blog (click here!) - Rue lost a dear friend and could use a {{HUG}} 

Purz and Catnip Dreams ..... Gomez


Debra She Who Seeks said...

That's a pretty nice cat condo in the corner of the dining room, but I see that all the cats are sitting elsewhere! Gomez, tell your people to move it right in the middle of the big picture window -- that's where Her Royal Highness insists her ratty old cat tree must be so she can perch there and keep tabs on the neighbourhood, LOL!

Robin Larkspur said...

Like Debra, I notice not only the cat tree is unoccupied, but the kitty beds as well. Gomez, you are truly a compassionate friend to Jane.

Jeanne said...

Miss Debra ~ Me has tried to tell Mommy that very thing! But Mommy won't listen :0(

Miss Robin ~ Not only does the Kitty Castle get really hot in the afternoon sun but the Kitty beds do too! So We Kitties like to lay where We can still see but not get too hot! :0)

Wendy S. said...

Gomez, you're a true gent. You have the wisdom that with the great kitty goddess we's gonna all be old. We knew we loved you for a reason.
Miss Bella and Sele

Zan Asha said...

Aww, all of the kitties are great! Have fun with Jane :)

Rue said...

Sweet Gomez,

Thank you for your kinds words. My kitty Beau would have loved you - she always did like the handsome boys and flirted with the neighbour cat who liked to come by and look in the window at her.

You would have liked her.