Monday, March 26, 2012

Cat Tales ~ Siamese Cat Facts

Mes a Lynx Point Siamese Kitty.
The Lynx Point Siamese is also known as a Tabby Point Siamese because Wes have the same stripes as Tabby Kitties. In fact the Lynx Point Siamese came from the breeding of a Tabby Kitty and a Siamese Kitty. Personally, Me prefers to be called a Lynx Point Siamese 'cause it reminds Me of Mes wild cousin the Lynx, which has markings very similar to Me!
See Mes stripes?

All Lynx Point Siamese will have an "M" on their forehead.

  • Siamese Cats are easily trained and can readily learn to walk on a leash. (Ssshhhh! Don't tell Mommy that part!)
  • Siamese are also very vocal and the more their Human talks to them, the more they will talk back.
  • Siamese will often choose one Human as their own (Me chose Mommy!). But they are also great family pets because they will keep their claws sheathed when playing with kids! 
  • Siamese can be very jealous Kitties and will often do something naughty out of anger if they get jealous.
  • Siamese Kittens are often born white and will change color as they age. Even adult Siamese will continue to darken as they grow older.
  • Siamese have a heat-sensitive gene - a Siamese's coat will be a darker color in the cooler areas of their body (head and legs) and a lighter color in the warmer areas like the body.
A Brief History - Some people believe that the Siamese originated in ancient Egypt because many of the sculptures of the Goddess Bastet look very similar to a Siamese. 

This is ME!
This is Bastet. See the resemblance? 

But it is known that the Siamese lived in Siam (now known as Thailand) as far back as the 1600's - possibly even earlier than that! Siamese Cats were used in the palaces and temples as watch cats. The Kitty would yowl (and We Siamese do have a YOWL!) when a stranger came around. Only noblemen were allowed to own and raise Siamese Cats. When someone of importance died, a Cat from their household would be chosen to receive the dead person's soul. That Kitty would then be pampered for the rest of its Life.

Purz and Catnip Dreams ..... Gomez


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I didn't know that a Siamese could have tabby points! But there's no mistaking those blue, slightly crossed Siamese cat eyes!

Robin Larkspur said...

The "M" on your forehead, Gomez, stands for "Magnificent"

Jeanne said...

Aahhhh, Miss Robin, Yous the BESTEST!!! Puuurrzzzz

Wendy S. said...

What a beautiful kitty! Not only are your looks regal but your ancestry is divine!

Miss Bella and Sele