Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where the Pumpkins Grow

Where the Pumpkins Grow
from a journal written by
Donna Turnbull

Down in the fields where the pumpkins grow,
Magic lies there as we well know.
Dark is the night and the stars grow pale.
October winds make a howling gale.
Black is the night and gold is the moon.
Witches are riding and none too soon.
Black cats are yowling with backs arched high,
While the moon glows gold in the midnight sky.
Owls hoot, 'whoo, whoo' and look very wise.
And bats fly eerily across the skies.
Goblins and witches and shosts are seen.
For this, you remember is Hallow'een!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those pumpkins look so inviting, I just want to fondle them. (Don't worry, nothing kinky!)

Jeanne said...

{{chuckle}} Pumpkins have the same effect on me too! :0)

magikalseasons said...

Love the pumpkin perspective pic! The Halloween Poem is fantastic! :)

AwtemNymf said...

Me lurrves pumpkins and I know WE have a collection! *winks*
I've yet to visit the pumpkin patch and take pics! Soon- I've been buggin' hubby <{:O)
I love the poem!


Laura said...

oooh.. i love that .. and the photo of the pumpkins.

All Together Dead said...

great photo!

Rue said...

Great pumpkin shot - and the poem is wonderful too!

Anonymous said...

Great poem!

Bridgett said...

That photo is just amazing.

And the poem! How fun! I'm going to save it for my BOS.