Saturday, October 3, 2009

Let's Make a Garland!

Remember those construction paper garlands we made in school as kids? This project is a variation of that.

This simple garland is made from pipe cleaners. Orange and Black ones. But other colors could be used for other holidays. I used a pair of wire cutting pliers to cut the pipe cleaners in half. Next I formed a circle with one of the pipe cleaners and twisted the ends together. I then took the second color and twisted it around the first color and twisted the ends together. Place the next loop (before twisting the ends together) through the first loop to form a chain. (Be careful when twisting the ends together because the wire can POKE!)

Looks like Mr. JOL got a little carried away with his decorating! :0)


Bathory said...

Great idea and very cute :)

kathy said...

WOW I remember those -- But these are the cutest -- Thanks for the idea kathy - ga

AwtemNymf said...

I remember making these too! I love orange and black together! So bewitching! Thanks for the memories! Now- I do believe i have some around here!

Blue Moon said...

Very Cool ! Thank you -

Bridgett said...

Those are so cute! Looks like a tiger's stripes. :)

Definitely adding this to my 'crafts to do with the kids' list.