Friday, October 16, 2009

My Own Ghost Story

Thanks to everyone who shared their first scary movie with us yesterday. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was scared silly at an early age! Now on with the story...

It seems that I have always had encounters with Spirits. I grew up in an old adobe house (built in the 1800s) in a very small community in southwestern Colorado. I don't know how many nights I would wake up knowing that there was someone outside my bedroom window watching me. When in fact there was no one to be seen.
I later lived in another old house (in the same town) that had served as a neighborhood store. There were always noises in the night and the constant feeling that you were never alone.

The first house that Hubby and I lived in was the PUMPKIN HOUSE. It was originally a small cabin in what had been a gold mining community in Colorado. The whole area was rich with history and I'm sure quite a few "Old" residents were still around. The House had a loft where a very ominous presence could be felt. Occasionally we would hear bumps and creaks in the night - was it the house settling? Or was it the presence? We'll never know...

The next house was located in the Colorado Mountains as well - in an out of the way valley that was a get-away place for mobsters during the 1920s. Again rich with history. Our home was a cabin that had been built in the 1950s. There was a spirit there that enjoyed Beethoven's song, Fur elise. Quite often it could be heard on our answering machine. Not always - just sometimes. We didn't put the song on there. We had several pictures simply 'fall' off the wall for no apparent reason.

We next moved to an old house in southwest Louisiana. The house had once been the maid's quarters for a well-to-do land owner. The house had been moved to a vacant section of land shortly before we bought it. The house always seemed to be tidy, despite the fact teenagers and three large dogs were always tromping through it. Occasionally a ball could be heard bouncing on the wood floor.

Our present home isn't that old nor does it have a lot of history to it, But orbs are quite often seen in the pics. Dust particles? Maybe... But quite a few people have commented on the 'comfortable' feeling the house has. We also find change (coins) laying around in the oddest places.

Especially in the rooms where the orbs are seen.

Did we just pack up our ghost(s) and move them with us? I don't think so. Because each house has had a unique 'feel' to it. Maybe Hubby and I are just a little more in tune with our surroundings and can sense the Spirits. Maybe the Spirits like us.

Except for the house in Louisiana, the other 3 did have something in common - quartz rock. Large amounts of quartz rock can be found in those areas. Quartz is a natural amplifier of energy.

Do I believe in Ghosts? Let's say I believe in Spirits. Do you??


Pixie said...

I have had several encounters with spirits..mostly in the house I lived in in New Mexico. Not an old house, but full of energy. Doors that would not stay closed, battery operated toys that worked, in the middle of the night, WITHOUT batteries, and more!

Suzie said...

Oh yes, I do believe in Spirits too! I've never lived in a new home, and in each place, although there haven't been that many, from the time I was a child, has had Spirits living there too.

As an adult, whenever we moved, I would tell the Spirits that they could come with us if they wanted to, that they were family, but if they chose to stay, that I would miss them, and always remember them. Except for one, I don't think that any of them have. Maybe their ties to their home base remain strong.

And as for the one, he has come with me each time, so I'm prone to think that maybe he is my Spirit Guide instead of a Spirit.

Thank you for sharing your story! And for bringing up this topic! It is an interesting one!

Annette said...

Great topic! I too have encountered many spirits, sometimes in the house where I lived and in homes of friends. My current home has two different sets, Annabel that remains upstairs, and then a young boy, slighter older daughter and an adult. They've been quiet for several years now. Annabel hangs out often.

Treaya said...

I definitely believe in ghosts/spirits. I've encountered many in my old house. I was so into ghosts before I had my daughter I would go to a different haunted place in our area every weekend to see what I could find.

carriejoy said...

Oh I loved those stories of your houses Jeanne! I have always been fascinated with what is going on but unseen! We sensed a presence in the house we are living in now - saw her actually- but we made a conscious effort to stop talking about her and paying attention to her and she went away. I prayed she moved on - I don't know- just felt like the right thing to do. Did you ever read "House of the Spirits"? If not you should!


Jo said...

Found you though A Fanciful Twists Halloween Fete list! Love your blog and the photo's in this post are so pretty! I believe in ghosts and spirits too but I haven't encountered a presence in many years. Well, maybe that's not true. I'll return later with an explanation!

Jeanne said...

I will have to look for that book, Carrie. I'm always looking for a good read!

Jo, You've piqued my curiosity! Tell me more....

Bridgett said...

I absolutely do...

I currently live in a townhouse built in 1975. We're renting, so I know very little about the history...but it seems there are often orbs around me in pictures we take.

I've never noticed them around anybody else though. So I'm guessing they're drawn to me for whatever reason.

But I've never really felt anything here...although I do see 'shadows' out of the corner of my eye ALL the time.

Loved this!


Jo said...

I'm so sorry, you are correct; I did leave you hanging with my ghost story! Please forgive me!

What I meant by my previous comment here was that I had something of a strange experience last October in Salem, MA. I'm not talking a cliche here. (Though I know, going to Salem, MA in October is a bit of a cliche).

I didn't expect anything from my visit there to be quite honest. We went on a "self guided tour" of "The Witch House," home of Judge Corwin, one of the Salem Witch Trial Judges. Felt nothing. Went into what was the "kitchen/dining" area and was immediately drawn to the hearth, to the small door in the very back of it (where the ashes would have been pushed into, into the chimney). No particular reason why.

I took a picture. I turned around and this very obnoxious, over enunciating, odd (male?) voice said, in my mind, "This house is haunted." I immediately thought to myself, "Oh you've got to be kidding." I wasn't scared though a little startled. I was tired and really not in the mood, LOL!

The same voice repeated, "This house is haunted." I replied, "Ok, so what would you like me to do about it?"

Again, repeated, "This house is haunted." So I replied (again in my mind, not aloud, LOL!), "Well, I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do. You know who to seek if you want redemption."

And it stopped.

It's not a voice I've ever heard in my imagination, ever or since.

So aside from that, it's been year's since anything's happened.

Christine Edwards said...

Yes, I believe in ghosts/spirits. We lived in a house that was "occupied" by a previous owner that had committed suicide. Things definitely went bump in the night.