Thursday, February 4, 2010

Did I hear Spring?

I need to give you folks a weather update.... What really happened in January compared to the predictions made???

January on an average is our coldest month with just a little over 3" of rain.

We had quite the extremes this past month. From quite a few above normal temperatures to even more below normal temperatures. But on an average it was colder than normal with slightly more than normal precipitation.

And as for Mr. Groundhog?? Well, he didn't see his shadow when he woke up on Tuesday. Spring may be just around the corner.....


Dede said...

January was a very wet and cold month. I am so looking forward to Spring getting here very soon.


Brenda LaBell said...

Doing a Spring dance with Jeanne!!


Bridgett said...

Wait...I thought Phil did see his shadow?

Jeanne said...

We have our own groundhog here in Arkansas & he didn't see his shadow. But I think he lied to's been so cold!!!! With sleet & snow!