Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sonya's Mushroom Swap Complete

A few weeks back, I joined a Mushroom Swap hosted by Sonya. If you'll remember, the mushrooms which I created were little Faerie houses, complete with stovepipes. I got my Swap Mushrooms in the mail! They are all so AWESOME !!!

I received the most adorable little RedCap. Her name is Frances and she was made by a wonderfully, talented Cathy . She also made the cutest card to go with her. I also received the cutest pencil topper (or plant poke pal) from Valerie of Yarni Gras! If you visit her blog, you will find instructions on how to make one of your very own.

This little mushroom house will be right at home on my kitchen window sill next to a plant. And the cutest tag was with it - Shroomies by Lara Johnson . And this elegant looking mushroom is made by Kristin . You must see all the other wonderful mushrooms that she made.

And the fifth mushroom is a Wood Blewit Mushroom. It is unreal how realistic it is. It is the creation of JennyC.No3 . She also provided a card telling a bit about the Blewit. Wow!

I have so enjoyed this Swap! Thank you Sonya for all the hard work.

Be sure to check out everyone's blogs and see what exciting things they're up to! And if you get the chance there is a Flickr Group for our Mushroom Swap.


Yarni Gras! said...

oh! I can't WAIT to see what goody I get.....wasn't this the most FUN!
Hoping she hosts again so I can think of something new to make....

Caroline said...

Wonderful swap, they look great!