Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An Award

I am the Lucky recipient of the Kreativ Blogger Award. Phil from Halloween Tinkering Awarded me this. You really must check out his blog! He makes some of the greatest props for Halloween. How I would love to go Trick-or-Treating at his and Caroline's house! I wonder if they give out Candy Corn ??

Anyhoo, I am to tell you seven things that I love and then award this to seven other Fantastically Kreativ Bloggers. So here goes...
1. My Sweet Hubby - Ed
2. All my menagerie of animals (if I listed them separately it would have taken up all seven spaces and then some...)
3. Halloween
4. All my Great Kids and Grandkids (I had to lump all of them together as well)
5. Creating
6. Gardening
7. Reading

Oh how the list could have gone on....

And here's the seven blogs I am awarding ....
1. Seize the Moment - my daughter, Jenny, has started blogging.
2. The Faerie Wysperer - Awny is such a sweet friend!
3. Wild at Heart Art - I Love your sense of humor Zan! And your dolls are cute too!
4. Carrie Joy Art - Always enjoy seeing her paintings - so much life in them
5. Fairy Child Heirlooms - Missy is quite the seamstress and her tutorials are awesome!
6. My Arkansas, Then and Now - A lovely read of family history written for the granchildren
7. View From the Floor - A fun place to visit for an alternative view of the world.


Caroline said...

Most candy doesn't survive very long here with me--hehe! :)

carriejoy said...

Thanks so much!!! That means the world to me and I love the new blog. I know what you mean about the menagerie - I am building one of my own. My fiancee and I keep laughing about what your husband said about fur season and mud season --- so true but I love them any way.

Anonymous said...

thanks Jeanne! receiving this award from you means the world to me! you are so sweet :) after my swap partners receive their fairy dolls next week, I'll be posting a tutorial about how I made them.