Monday, October 9, 2017

The Donkeys of Cripple Creek

Or rather, "Why there are farm animals walking down my sidewalk"....

I have written about the Donkeys of Cripple Creek before. They are a common site around town in the warmer months. Click Here! 

The Donkey was the companion of early day miners. This pack animal was surefooted over treacherous mountain trails and could carry approx. 1/4 of its body weight. Miners would use the burro to carry their supplies and equipment to and from their mining claim. Quite often the burros would get loose or stray from their owners. These donkeys formed the foundation of many of the wild burro herds found around the United States. 

The story - Tourists to the Cripple Creek area are told that the local Donkeys are ancestors of the donkeys brought here by early prospectors. 

The truth - The Donkeys seen around town have all come from various donkey rescue organizations. The City of Cripple Creek maintains (paying for their health care and feed) a herd of 15 individuals. When a herd member is lost due to illness or age, then another burro is acquired. Sometimes when a new member is adopted, a 'bonus' is also included. This past year, two new females were adopted who were both pregnant and they gave birth this past Spring.

During warm weather the Donkeys are left to roam around town, making themselves at home wherever they please. Munching on grass and fertilizing lawns and flower beds. The Donkey herd is quite an attraction for visitors, who might never be able to see this clever creature up close and personal.  During the winter, the burro herd is corralled at the local rodeo grounds.

And that is why there are farm animals walking down my sidewalk. A tribute to the legacy which helped build this town.


the dogs' mother said...

Bless their hearts. :-)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

This is so charming! Another thing that makes your new town an interesting place to live!

Justine’s Halloween said...

Haha! Just keep that fence up. ;) That is fun, though. You can just sit on a chair outside and watch the entertainment walk by! I meant to write earlier and tell you how cool I think your new house is! I always thought it would be neat to live in a Victorian house. And you have such a cute one with all those original features/fixtures! You're lucky! I also meant to tell you that my great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents lived in Victor, Colorado. I figure you'd know about Victor, being in Cripple Creek. Do you? I'd like to talk about the area with you!

Jeanne said...

Justine - OMG! No Way! What a small world we live in. Victor is just a stone throws over the hill from Cripple Creek. We looked at several houses in Victor, including Lowell Thomas' childhood home. I know some about Victor but plan on spending part of the winter months catching up on the local history. Including Victor! Would love to visit with you. You had a good trip to Colorado? I need to catch up on my blog reading. I have been terribly delinquent the past several weeks. :o(