Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Chemtrails, Climate Change, & Chipmunks

Wait... WHAT?!?

You're probably wondering what that title has to do with our journey West to our new home. Please read further....

I've written before about Chemtrails. They are a very controversial subject. Either a person believes or they don't.  Are Chemtrails to blame for the intense weather we have now? Or is it the pollution? For whatever the reason, everyone will readily admit that the Earth's climate is changing. And it is not always changing for the better.

It was a rainy summer here in the mountains of Colorado. Shortly after receiving the news of the sale of the rental, torrential rains began occurring almost weekly. After the first torrential rainstorm, we went to our property to assess what it would take to complete the small cabin and deck for the tipi. We were flabbergasted to find that there had been a flash flood go down our little valley.  This was going to be the first of at least three flash floods which roared down our valley.

Logs, debris, & remainder of building materials near trailer 
We found logs and other debris washed up very close to the little trailer (right up to the concrete steps!) we had parked on the road side of the creek. This tangled mess of flotsam had been washed over our driveway! The driveway is about 8ft - 10ft above the creek! Our minds could not wrap around the amount of water it would have taken to float this mess that high. We were amazed, dumb-founded, and disheartened. Our driveway integrity had been compromised.

Sand & gravel deposited over bushes by stream
The concrete bench I made and had placed near the creek was found about 100 yards downstream. The bench weighs in excess of 200 pounds! The pile of building materials we had accumulated was now scattered from our place to almost a quarter mile downstream. There are still things I have not found, nor will I. They are probably buried beneath a mound of gravel or mud. 

A lot of work is now required to not only clean up the various wood piles which litter the landscape but our driveway is going to have to be rebuilt. We had planned on doing that, but not for some time. And now with winter knocking on our door, the first snows to the mountains came in early August this year - though the snow did melt within a day, we weren't prepared in tackling the necessary construction in such a hurried manner.

4ft tall bushes flattened by the water & debris
So, our plans to stay in the tipi were put on hold and we went house hunting. Our plan has been modified. We are still going to make improvements on our cabin to make it habitable year round and we will build a deck for the tipi. But as far as living there, it will be our retirement years before we make that move.

What about the chipmunks you ask? The population has drastically deceased. The extreme rains flooded there burrows and either forced them to move or led to their demise. There are still some of the cute little guys scurrying about, just not as many. But chipmunks are like rabbits, they repopulate quickly.


the dogs' mother said...! All very alarming! stay safe :-)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

OMG what a powerful flash flood that must have been! It would certainly make me think twice about living there. At least it happened when you weren't out on the property, which is a blessing.