Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Witch's Circle ~ Spells, Spirits, & Sage

I am continuing with my perspectives on Witches, Witchcraft and other Magickal inclinations. These ramblings have been prompted by Aine of The Deepest Well with her discussions in The Witch's Circle. Be sure to pay her a visit! She is a very gracious hostess and makes the best tea!

Spells ~ Where would we Witches be without them? Whether we use candles or cords or concoctions, Spells (or Castings as I prefer to call them) are an everyday part of Life for a Witch. The Spell may be as simple as finding a parking spot at the shopping center or finding a lost object (personally I request the help of the Fae for this one!), or a bit more complicated for a positive outcome to a tough situation. And yes, even a Spell or two for protection of a loved one. But no matter what the Spell may be for or what items may be used, there will always be one thing in common - the Witch's Will. Without that the Spell will hold no power. It would only be so many words. Because it is in the Witch's own conviction for wanting what is being ask for (in the Spell), where the true Power lays. The aid of candles, herbs, oils, etc. add to or enhance the Witch's Power (I plan on expounding on this aspect next week in another post).
When I was starting out and finding my way down the Path, I would use Spells that I had found in various books. But as I progressed and grew in my knowledge, I began writing my own Spells. And it wasn't until quite recently that I began to write the Spells in rhyme - Thanks to one of my Granddaughters. The timing of a Spell can be critical for its success but in a pinch (or out of necessity) a Spell can be cast at any time. And with anything. My Ancestors didn't necessarily have a lot of fancy things to use when they did their Castings.

Spirits ~ Many Witches enlist the assistance of Ancestors in their Magickal works. These Ancestors may be Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Deceased Relatives, or Guiding Spirits. Personally, I work with the Spirits of Nature - Earth, Plants and Weather mainly. Sometimes Animal Spirits. But always a Cat Spirit or two (Gomez wouldn't have it any other way!) I pay my respects to these Spirits by giving back - spending time in the Garden, tending to the needs of the Trees and Bushes, helping make the area in which I reside a nicer place. 

Sage ~ I'm actually referring to Herbs. (I just had to use the word Sage because it sounded better in the Post title.) Most Witches work with Herbs. Whether it is in Spellwork or creating a concoction for healing or even in cooking. My love affair with Herbs and Herbal Concoctions began when I was little and helped my Mother in her Herb Gardens. I always seem to have something hanging from the ceiling drying. Most of the time it's Gomez's Catnip!


Aine said...

Great post! I feel the same way about the Witch's will. It is, or should be very powerful. I think in some instances it could be enough, but most of us are not that powerful all the time - combining energies through the use of plants, ancestors, gods, etc helps make the spell more powerful. I also believe that each spell calls on specific energies that are needed for the spell to be successful (like a recipe.) A witch is like a good cook - who knows which ingredients to put in and those that should be left out.

So nice of Gomez to share the catnip!!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The best way to find a parking spot when you need one is to invoke the modern urban Goddess, Ashphalta.

"Hail Ashphalta, full of grace. Help me find a parking space!"

Works every time!

Jeanne said...

Debra ~ Love that invocation!!! :0)