Monday, December 5, 2011

Cat Tales ~ Tales of the Outside

FINALLY! Mommy has turned on the computer in the computer room! Me usually spends the days in there (sleeping on a warm snuggy blanket that Daddy set up for Me on his desk) when those sticky, noisy Little People are in the house. If Mommy had left her computer on, then Me could've been blogging!  {{sigh}}  Oh well!

On to the adventure Me wants to tell you about...Tales of the Outside.
Mommy and Daddy sat us 'Kittens" down many weeks ago and told us that this new place wasn't like the WildWoods of Arkansas and We Kittens would have to like being 'housecats'! Our outdoor adventures had come to a screeching halt - at least until Daddy could finish the wood fence around the backyard.
Well, Me batted Mes big blue eyes at Mommy and cried and cried and finally she gave in (she always caves in to Mes demands  desires) and she let Me outside in the backyard. Of course, Mommy was around - 'just so Me wouldn't get scared', she said.

Me had fun exploring. So many new smells and noises. Bird smells, Skirrel smells, (Mommy has feeders up) and strange Doggy smells. Since I was so well behaved in the backyard (but then, Me is always well behaved!), Mommy decided to try letting some of the other Kittens outside.

Mommy let Fantum out, but Fantum is ascared of the Doggies who live in the yard behind Us. And Fantum will only stay outside as long as those Doggies don't woof.
Sylvester smelling tree under birdfeeder

Then Mommy let Sylvester out. And Sylvester is trying hard to be just like Me so he behaved himself and just watched the feeders after he smelled around.

Finally Mommy let Valentino out. But Valentino tries too hard to be Mr. Macho and Mommy found him in the neighbors yard (Mommy muttered the whole time she carried him home about how she couldn't figure out how he got out of the wire fence that is around the yard now). So now Valentino is grounded for "An Eternity!" - to quote Mommy.  {{chuckle}}  Valentino got in trouble!  {{chuckle}}  And Valentino can only peer out the door and dream about the outside.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Poor Valentino, under permanent house arrest! Behave yourself when you're outside, Gomez!

Robin Larkspur said...

Gomez, I hope your Mommy keeps an eye on Valentino; looks like he is gonna try to get out that door!

wicKED said...

If looks could kill, your door would have burst into flame.... I think he will get out on his own. Warn them about Krampus watching them!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Loved seeing the pics of your furry ones!

Danni said...

So glad you got to explore outside, Gomez! Maybe Valentino should take a lesson in good behavior from you. :)