Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Witch's Circle ~ The Science of Magick

Not that long ago, many of today's commonplace things/occurrences were considered to be manifestations of Magick.
But as Man's understanding of the workings of the Universe grew and expanded, Man's perspective changed. And who is not to say that one day, what we now deem as 'Magick" will be explaned away in scientific terms.

Here's my scientific take on Magick - Magickal workings in basic terms is the manipulation of Energy. What if that Energy is constantly in motion or vibrates. Different things - humans, herbs, crystals - will vibrate at different speeds or frequencies. The vibrations of certain 'things' mesh together better than other things, forming a more powerful vibration - much like music. A whole symphony can have much more impact than one instrument playing the same song.

Witches are able to utilize these vibrations to their advantage during a spell. They are able to combine items that vibrate 'in symphony', adding their own vibrations to the mix, to send forth their intent out to the Universe. The more items vibrating together, the stronger the spell.

*** This is just my take on things...strictly supposition...but should this theory be proven, then I think it should be named The Candy Corn Theorem. ***

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Aine said...

Yes, I agree with your theory. It explains why some make extra efforts to find the right ingredient for a spell. I am one of those people who resists using the substitutions, and why (since I have no pets) I had no problem asking a dog owner for some of her dogs hair after he was combed. Funny how people will give you these things. Probably afraid not to. Anywayyyy, I can't wait until you receive recognition for The Candy Corn Theorem.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

As good an explanation as I've ever heard!

Robin Larkspur said...

Jeanne, written simply and to the point without a lot of mumbo-jumbo scientific terms, this post has a big impact. Excellent and of course, I agree it should be called the candy corn theorem, how perfect!