Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Spirit of a House

Our Transition House is nothing special. It was built in the early 1960's - one of many brick 'cookie cutter' homes in a suburb of Denver, called Northglenn. I'll share my discoveries of the area as I explore more. I am anxious to visit more of the many parks that are within the Northglenn city limits as well as see if there are any deep, dark secrets to be discovered in the history of the town of Northglenn.

But back to The House. Most of what I have learned about my house and the neighborhood has come from my next door neighbor. She has lived in the home next to mine for about 18 years. It seems that in those 18 years, our house has had a new occupant (either owner or rental tenant) about every 2 years. Some of the occupants appeared to have loved The House and made loving, well planned renovations while to others The House was just an object. Oh yes, and one of the former tenants expired in the backyard.

*** I would love to hear your thoughts on why so many families have lived hear in the past two decades. ***

While Transition House is small, it does have a 'homey' feel to it. And I know that my 'Little Fae Friends' have made the journey with us and made friends with the Fae who already lived here. Whenever we're in the basement family room, we can hear their scampering on the main floor above us. And the Cats have quite the fascination with sounds only they seem to be able to hear which come from the attic. The Dogs and the Cats have settled in to their new surroundings, perhaps better than we Humans have.

The Yard has enormous potential - but anything is a vast improvement over what (or lack there of) is here. And while I miss having a stately old tree in close proximity, the Cherry tree, the Apple tree, and another unidentified fruit tree bless me with memories of my childhood when I had a magickal Apple Tree to lay under on hot summer afternoons. I hope my grands can make some magickal memories with these trees.

Like a stray animal happy to finally have found a home, Transition House appears happy to have finally found someone to nurture it and help it grow to its full potential.


Callie said...

My first thought was that if the house is small/few bedrooms as you said then perhaps people are buying it as a 1st home and as their family grew larger they moved to a larger house. Or people rented the house while they saved money to buy a house or they lived there close to a job until the job moved or they got a new job. Or if there are military families in the area they lived there until they got a new post. Or... there are lots of reasons I can thing of. Hope you enjoy living in the house and it becomes a home... maybe then you will find a new name for your home. Be happy!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Transition House looks like a nice, solid, REAL kind of place to live. Some TLC in the backyard would make it come alive -- maybe a few perennials -- something colourful, fast and easy to grow?

Justine's Halloween said...

OK, this is a crazy coincidence! When my Mom was young, she lived in Northglenn. She moved there when the houses were brand new! You don't by any chance live on Leonard Lane, do you? :)

Jeanne said...

Justine ~ What a small world! Leonard Lane is 9 blocks to the north. I live on 106th Place - just a block from the elementary school located on corner of Garland Dr/Grant Dr. It's a nice area. And I love the parks that Northglenn has. :0)