Friday, January 30, 2015

Roadtrip ~ Dinosaur Resource Center

Hubby has been working on strengthening his muscles and improving his stride, so we decided to take a roadtrip. Since it is January, and there is snow on the ground, we felt that an outdoor hike might be out of the question. An indoor adventure was needed! So we decided to get up close and personal with some dinosaurs!

The Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center is a privately owned paleontology lab located in Woodland Park. The building, which encompasses 20,000 sq. ft., houses both a working lab and a museum. 

A Field Team will spend the summer somewhere in the Great Plains looking for and excavating fossils of creatures that lived in what was once a great ocean. And while the majority of the fossils are of marine life, land dwelling dinosaurs are also found. 

After the fossils are then brought back to the paleo lab where they are taken out of their rock shrouds. Some of the fossils are kept. Others are purchased by museums or educational facilities.

"Stan", the T-Rex, oversees the comings and goings of the museum.

The collection of marine fossils is quite large. And it's enough to make a person not want to get in the water! Remember, the Coelacanth was once thought to be extinct.

The paleo lab techs can be seen working in the lab through a glass wall. Since we were there on a Saturday, only the 'skeleton crew' was seen.

The RMDRC is best known for their molds and fossil casts and the company produces a 'catalog of dinosaurs' for purchase. Museums from around the world go to RMDRC for many of their display specimens.

This is a great place to see if you are ever in the area. It is very family friendly with a large children's inter-active area which is as much fun for adults as it is for children!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Looks like fun! We're lousy with dinosaurs here in Alberta. Tons o' bones and oil.

the dogs' mother said...

wow! Thanks for the tour :-)

Justine’s Halloween said...

Wow! What a neat place! I'd love to visit this center if I'm ever in the area. Imagine finding so many fossils that you can make a catalog to sell them! There was something funny to me about that dinosaur in the snow out front, especially with the palm trees. :)

evilsloth4 said...

Not get in the water for fear of cut feet on sharp bones or the huge people eating catfish or brain eating amoebas? Did I mention I'm here for the candy corn?