Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Physics of Magic ~ Foreword

Magic. It can be defined as the power or ability to influence events by using a mysterious or supernatural force.

Magic has always fascinated me. My very first spell made me want to know how it worked. What made it happen? What was the unseen force which worked that which was bidden? 

I wondered why the spells worked sometimes but not all the time. Why would there be such a difference if the spell had been done exactly the same every time - same time of day, same moon phase, same spell components? What part did plants, color, candles, knots, or even the moon play in this mystical working?

I searched and read and ask questions. I ran up against brick walls, dead ends, and "Really? Magic is all rubbish!". But I continued searching. I began to explore other mysteries - Ley Lines, Ancient Monuments, Beliefs and Practices of Ancient or Indigenous People - hoping I would find a morsel somewhere that might take me down the path to further enlightenment.

My break through came one day when Hubby and I were talking about Gomez. Yes, my Gomez, the Intrepid Blogger. Gomez had an uncanny way of knowing when Hubby and I were getting frisky. How did Gomez know? It didn't matter if we were ever so quiet, behind closed doors, or even outside of the house, Gomez would find us. I knew that Cats, other animals as well, were intuitive and were able to 'tune-in' to their owners. But what was it that enabled these animals to 'tune-in' like they did?

Then I read an article about vibrations and frequency.  Something in this article resonated (*giggle* get it?) with me. At last I felt like I was on the right track.

***This series will be published every Tuesday***


the dogs' mother said...

My all time favorite lesson plan I wrote in graduate school was 'The Magic of Math'.

Jeanne said...

The Magic of math! - Now that would be interesting!

Aine O'Brien said...

oooh, can't wait!!!

Sissy Witch said...

I am so excited about this series! The why of magic is a very popular topic around our house. My very scientific husband believe that one day Quantum Mechanics will explain Metaphysics. For now, he's happy to just keep calling my practice magic.

Jeanne said...

Sissy Witch - I feel that your Hubby is right. Quantum Mechanics will explain many of the thing that are currently considered Metaphysical or Paranormal. I am also going to be posting a few items on Weird Wednesdays regarding scientific proof of things that were long considered "Woo-Woo".