Friday, January 13, 2012

Dillon Cemetery

Before we head to Dillon Cemetery, let me give you a bit of history about Dillon Reservoir (often called Lake Dillon) and the town which sits on its shore - Dillon, Colorado.This large body of water plays an important part in the history of Dillon Cemetery.
 Dillon Reservoir was originally a small, naturally-formed mountain lake. In 1956, the Denver Water Board decided that high mountain water storage was needed for the water demands of the growing city of Denver. The decision was made to enlarge this small mountain lake to create the needed water reserve. In 1961 the Dillon Dam was completed and the small lake grew to the massive reservoir seen today. 

The growth of the reservoir flooded the original town of Dillon - which can still be seen under the west side of the lake - and the Dillon Cemetery. The town relocated to its present location and has continued to grow over the years. The cemetery was relocated to a nearby hillside.

The original Dillon Cemetery was established in 1885 and was the only graveyard patented under federal law. Interred in the cemetery are many who were important to the development of the area - drivers for the High Line Stage Coach Route, miners, sawmill workers, blacksmiths, county officials, and railroad personnel - to name just a few. 

Looking South at Dillon Cemetery entrance

Looking North at entrance from inside cemetery
The Dillon Cemetery is in a beautiful setting and is heavily treed. Many old tombstones can be found but just as many headstones are duplicates of the originals. And yes, the graveyard is still in use today. Tours of the cemetery are given during the summer months. I do believe I shall be in attendance when the weather warms up! 

Name is carved into a rock


LuLu Kellogg said...

Breathtaking views!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh, so lovely!

Robin Larkspur said...

Wow, the views! Snow capped mountains and so many fantastic trees! Look forward to photos when you take the summer tour!