Monday, January 23, 2012

Cat Tales ~ Internships

Sylvester aspires to be like Me. 
He is now trying out various internships so that he might become a Catrepreneur like Me!

He tried a job as a clothes press in Mommy's drawer. 
But Mommy fussed at him! 

Sylvester tried to be a bookmark. 
But Mommy fussed at him again!

Next he tried to look pretty like the centerpiece on the table.
But Mommy fussed at him some more!

Me thinks Sylvester should try out for CATHOUSE magazine! 
He'd make a great model.

Purz and Catnip Dreams ..... Gomez


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sylvester, you little dickens!

Wendy S. said...

Don't let your mommy get you down Sylvester…Hang in there and eventually your mommy will see how invaluable you are and what good work you do!

Miss Bella and Sele

debbieluttrell said...

Sylvester, did your mommy stop blogging at The Hive? I can't find her there. I'm sure glad she has this blog, still.

BeFRuiTFuL KReaTioNS said...

Sylvester is absolutely gorgeous. I see he really loves what ever mommy is doing.

Jeanne said...

Debbie, I've closed my account at The Hive and deleted my FB account. Haven't had the time or the inclination to keep up with either. Not really sure if I'll ever get back into any creativeness - Life has just sucked everything out of me.....