Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Land of Melting Shadow ~ The *Snow* Faery

Far across the Valley of Veils rise the Pernicious Mountains. Their slopes wear a shroud of fog on the best of days. And on the worst, well, let's just say a person had best have a light about their person! 
The trails are sly, steep and treacherous. The summits have seldom been seen. Especially by those of the mortal persuasion. 

Rumors can be heard of strange and remarkable beings living in the Pernicious Mountains. One of these beings is the *Snow* Faery, a spritely sort of Fae. 

 The *Snow* Faeries make their nests amongst the crags high atop the steep mountain tops. These Fae are the source of the *Snow* which falls during the Season of Darkness. Though how they make it happen, no one knows for sure.

 Legend has it that the fluttering of their wings create ice crystals which tumble down as snowflakes. All through the Season of Darkness these Faeries fly and frolic through the skies, sprinkling snowflakes over all the land.

 When the air currents shift out of the South, the *Snow* Faeries return to their well insulated nests to slumber deeply during the Season of Light. Only a few *Snow* Faeries remain awake to stand guard over the troop. On the rare day when the summit of Mount Odius is clear of its gray shroud, a person might catch a glimpse of these Fae cavorting about on the thermals. 

*Snow* Faery ear

Only will the *Snow* Faeries awake when once again the air currents shift out of the North. 

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*This post is dedicated to my friend Suzie.  *

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Suzie said...

I LOVE your continuing story. .you should put it in a book!

And your snow fairy is totally enchanting! Perfect for your story!

But darn it all, you made me all misty-eyed. .your heart must be made of pure sugar.

Thank you SO much for thinking of me!

dthaase said...

love your addition to the whimsy - great to have you in the mix!

Wendy said...

Oh, I want her. Beautiful work as always Jeanne! Now for a kitty fairy perhaps? ; )

Karen S. said...

I so love this most darling and whimsy creations og joy and spirit!

Heathen said...

I LOVE this fairy! And this story is enchanting. I'm off to check out your store!

Róisín said...

She's beautiful! Love the story too :)

Fallingladies said...

I love your story and snow faery! totally cool and chilly!