Monday, March 14, 2011

Cat Tales

Today I have turned my blog over to someone near and dear to my heart.  Gomez.  Most of you are already familiar with him since I use his photo as my avatar. He has been after me to let him write a post or two - I think he was feeling a bit left out since several of his friends have been blogging.
So, with Gomez's urging, I have started a new weekly (or so) feature called Cat Tales where you'll get to meet the members of our clowder as they write about whatever comes to mind.

Me overseeing the work in the garden
Hello. Mes called Gomez. Me also answers to His Lordship or His Highness. Me's head Cat here at WildWoods Manor (and Mom's Favorite).  Me's a Lynx Point Siamese. 

Me being serious
Mommy said Me can write a post once a week and tells everyone about Mes life here in the WildWoods.
But today Mes just going to share some pics of Me and Mes Mommy & Daddy. Me had a special request from two very sweet and sleek Kitties ~ Miss Bella and Sele over at The Year of the Cats. They ask to see pics of Me and Mes Daddy. Be sure to stop off at their place for a visit. Miss Bella and Sele are currently having a giveaway for all those Kitty lovers out there. Tell them Gomez sent you.

!Super!Gomez! & Daddy
Here Me is with Daddy. 
Mes Daddy's Sidekick ~ !Super! Gomez!
Daddy was test driving the superhero cape Mommy made for one of those noisy small people that Mommy calls "Grandkids".  Personally, I don't think there is anything too "GRAND" about them! They're noisy, sticky and leave their toys all over the house. (kinda like the doggies)

Me & Daddy & Mommy
Me snuck this picture in. {snicker} Mommy doesn't like having her picture taken. Me don't know why... Me LIKES to have Mes picture taken. If Me sees a camera, Mes there! 

See youz next week!

Purz and Catnip Dreams....Gomez


Wendy said...

Gomez, you are the MAN! Your eyes are just so dreamy and you wrote a wonderful post...Your mommy is so pretty so tell here that she has no reason not to like her pictures taken. And we's know what a pretty human looks like. We also love how your daddy holds you, we's can tell he luffs you SO much...Thank you for mentioning us...We's can't wait to read more about you...and if your mommy wants, she might want to put the link to your post on the "Cat Blogosphere" today so that everyone can get to know you better. Although, you're still our man kitty!
Here's the link

Just leave your link on the bottom.

Jeanne said...

Thanx Girlz! ♥ Will send Mommy over to the Catblogosphere.....

Kea said...

Hi Gomez! We saw you on the Cat Blogosphere and cames to "meet" you.

We're Nicki and Derry of Fuzzy Tales, 2 adoptees and one human in southeastern Ontario, Canada!

debbieluttrell said...

Hi Gomez. I can tell that you really love your mommy. I can't say I blame you, she's a very nice lady. I just found this article that you might want to read about cats and women. I assume you can read- unless mommy typed all that as you paced back and forth, tail in the air dictating. If so, mommy can read it to you.

The Island Cats said...

Hi ya, Gomez!! We're glad that your mom is gonna let you blog once a week!! (Before you know it, you'll take over the blog!!!)

Jeanne said...

Hi Nicki and Derry!
Hi Island Cats!
Mes so glad youz came to visit Me today. :0)

Debbie, Mes happy you thought of Me & Mommy. Actually Me likes to dictate. But Me dictates from Mommy's lap. :0)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hello, Your Lordship Gomez. Her Royal Highness the cat here. Clearly you are also a Feline of the Bluest Blood, as am I. I'm glad to see you keep your two humans under good control. They can be so much trouble but they DO have opposable thumbs so they remain useful to us.

Jeanne said...

Hello, Her Royal Highness! So pleased to meet you. :0)
I remember hearing about your exploits from My Mommy. Do you have any traveling planned for the future?

Suzie said...

Hi Gomez. . has anyone told you that you are one hunk of good looking guy in a cat suit?

Jasmine and Sophie are climbing all over me, trying to get to the keyboard, but I've hissed them back for a few minutes. .that' all I need to lure. .um, I mean invite you to my house, should you ever be in the neighborhood. .or want to make a long journey. (wink, wink, purrr & a head butt) I'll show you the best places to lay in the sun on our porch, and share my bestest catnip toys, and yummy treats that our Mama bakes for us!

Puurrrever yours,

P.S. Mama came in and said that since I was here, to tell your Mama that she loves the photo of you and your humans. You are a beautiful family!

(I agree. .but I think that you are the bestest looking one, but don't tell the humans that I said that)

JJ Beazley said...

I suppose even a confirmed dog man can't deny you're a splendid looking fellow, Gomez. And I've little doubt you've got those strange cat ladies wrapped firmly around your little claw.

Jeanne said...

Mysti ~ What a lovely name. It's so good to meet you. And please tell Jasmine and Sophie "Hi" for me. :0)
If Me ever is in your neck of the woods Me will most certainly stop by. Me loves sun puddles...and catnip. :0)

Mr. Beazley ~ Thank yous! That means a lot coming from a 'dog man'. And sshhhhhh! ..... me don't want the cat ladies to know how mes has them wrapped around me little claw. :0)