Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cherokee Soap Factory

I love to try new and different kinds of soap. I recently purchased some soap from a place called the Cherokee Soap Factory. And I L♥VE it!  It is so gentle on the skin and the scents are so delicious! And the label of each bar of soap has the name of the soap written in Cherokee. 

The Cherokee Soap Factory is a home-based business  located in Collinville, Oklahoma and is owned and run by a Cherokee tribal member . He has developed a line of soaps that are inspired by the 7 sacred directions held by the Cherokee culture - North, South, East, West, Sun, Earth and Self. The soaps are 100% natural, made from all natural oils and essential oils for scents. Visit his website to learn more about the 7 sacred directions and the ingredients in each of the different bars.

Click here to visit his website!   The soap can be ordered off of his website.

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