Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Leaf Ties

What a wonderful way to corral all those loose cords or maybe tie a trellis to a post.

The Leaf ties come in different colors as well.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

How clever and delightful!

JoyceAnn said...

Those leaf ties are mighty cute. Thank-you so much for helping me i.d. the Hairy Bittercress. I tried a few of the raw leaves , they're very tasty , not hairy or bitter at all. I'm looking forward to adding it to my wild salads.

~ Green Blessings ~

P.S. ~ Today's word verification is " Cackle " pretty appropriate for us "Green Witches "(LOL).

The Frog Queen said...

What a clever idea!!! Thanks for sharing.

Hope them come in black :D


Suzie said...

What a clever idea! I HATE wires, cables & cords. .they are SO ugly.

I wonder what the lineman is going to think when he comes to repair a loose connection, and find little leafy ties all spaced along between poles! lol