Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Of Paint, Pixies and Epiphanies ~ Part 1

Before I get inspired with thoughts and lead you through several pages of what-fors & how-comes, I want to introduce to you my Hubby, THE GRADUATE!

He completed his degree in Computer Geekery in December. Hubby achieved another straight A semester. He graduated with highest honors (straight A's every class every semester). 
Woo Hoo!! 
Congrats Honey! I'm so proud of you! ♥  
{more on the graduation ceremony & plans for the future in a future post!}

Okay, Now back to all those what-fors ......

It seems that painting and packing and mundane daily chores have consumed most of my time of late......
I started painting the outside trim of our house in August. Then began painting  inside when the weather turned cold. You'd think I'd be done by now. But when you have 3800 sq. ft. of house, there's a lot of acreage to cover with a paint brush!

Fortunately for me, we live in an unpainted cinder block house which has paneling on the interior walls. So most of what I have to paint is ceilings. I just finished the bathroom. And what a difference a gallon of paint will make! This is the bathroom before the paint job...

Bathroom BEFORE

And this the same bathroom after a coat of paint....

Bathroom After
I used a color of paint called Swan Grey to pull the wall color, counter color, and floor tile color all together. I think it turned out really great! 

The next project is the dining room ceiling and then into the kitchen. But before I start any painting in a room, I will  pack it up. It's so much easier to paint a room that is almost bare than one filled with 'stuff'. And we had our share of 'stuff' -
 3800 sq ft of house + owning an antique business = LOTS of stuff!
But we have been thinning out our 'stuff' since we made the decision to move, so the packing is going fairly quickly.

And the Black Walnut Tree has now almost totally disappeared from the yard. A local man cut it up for next year's firewood.

He did give me these two lovely pieces. I plan on using them as tables when they are dry. And once the stump is out of the ground, it will be trimmed and turned into a table base.

And the bright side of the tree falling over is that a swamp rose I have in that section of the yard will now receive more sunshine and thus have more blooms.

My daughter-in-law Tracy found the grandest book for me for Christmas - Fairies and Elves

It is part of The Enchanted World series. 
MOST AWESOME! Thank You Tracy!  {{HUGS!}}

And for the 1st Epiphany ~

NEVER brush the dogs with your gloves on!

Stayed tuned! Tomorrow I'll ramble on more about Pixies, Winter, and another Epiphany.


D.Suplicki said...

Congratulations to your darling computer geek! Can't wait to hear all about the shiny things the future holds for you guys!

Robin Larkspur said...

You must give your husband congratulations from new york! Both of you must be so proud of his accomplishment. the painting of the bathroom looks great...bright and fresh.Good luck with all the other tasks. Robin.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Major congrats to your brainiac husband! And wow, your bathroom looks like a million bucks now!

The Favorite Things Guy said...

Congratulations to your hubby! That's awesome. Also, your bathroom is beautiful. You did a terrific job on it.

Thanks for sharing!

TD (Tammy @ Journal of Evolution) said...

Congrats to Hubby on the graduation honors - and - Congrats t you on the great looking bathroom! Well done, both of you. Now go, wallow n your awesomeness! :)

Witchy Godmother said...

Congratulations to your hubby! I have that series - The Enchanted World it is a wonderful collection from Time/Life.
Hugs and sparkles

Joane said...

Your bathroom looks great! What a difference.

BeFRuiTFuL KReaTioNS said...

3800 sqft girl your house is huge. How do you find each other and clean that house?? :-) Sounds like you will be moving forward with moving plans.

Jeanne said...

Our house doesn't seem so big by the time you add three large dogs and six fat cats.... LOL