Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Faerie Magick ... 101f

Hopefully by now you have been able to get a feel for the Little People who inhabit the world around you.

Faeries are naturally drawn to the energy a Witch raises when a spell or magick is worked. And they can often be found watching outside the protective circle as a Witch does her work. The Fae are also attracted to drumming and singing.

Should the Fae be at your circle and you would like to enlist their aid, state your intention to them. They are most inclined to help with spells of healing or protection. But, if the spell is for something personal, explain to them why it is important to you. The Fae dislike greed but they do understand the need for prosperity - for the Fae will benefit from a person's prosperity as well.

As you begin your work, you may sense the added energy that the Fae have generated. Add it to that of your own. It is easy for the Fae to create energy because Magick Energy originates in the same realm as the one in which they live.

Remember, DO NOT Thank the Fae once your Magick work is complete. But leave them a bit of sweet bread , wine or milk. Leave this in that special place in your yard that you have set aside for them. The place where you can honor them. If you do not have a yard set aside a place in the house, maybe by a window where you have plants growing, as the Fae's special spot. Leave their food or drink in their special spot. Always use a clean dish or even a large leaf from a hosta or tree. If you notice that they do not finish their libations, throw out the unfinished portions within a day or two. Do not let the food or drink spoil.

While the Fae can be a mischievous lot, they can enhance your Magick and bring a great sense of joy and happiness to your Life!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I like the idea of using a beautiful hosta leaf as a dish for the fae!

Hela said...

Funny I stopped by to read this today. I was out in the woods today, and I'm always whistling or singing, and I thought if they can hear me they probably have their hands over their ears. : O)