Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Faerie Magick ... 101d

I hope you have been practicing your grounding and your meditation. They can both come in quite handy over the upcoming holiday season!
Now on with some bits of information about the Fae....

  • The Fae dislike verbal "Thank Yous". It's better to show thanks with a bowl of milk, a few cookies, some tobacco, or maybe a small treasure. *Very Important* Once you have given an item to the Faeries, you cannot take it back!
  • DO NOT show fear when in the presence of Wee Folk. It can be misconstrued and seen as a sign that you do not want them around or even as a sign of weakness.
  • You are ALWAYS in control of Fae encounters. 
  • The Faeries lack many of the joys which we humans are able to experience. Assisting a Witch with Magick helps them feel connected to us and our lives.
  • Faery Folk can have their feelings hurt quite easily. So always be mindful of what you say and how you say it. Always show respect.
  • Set up an area either inside the house or outside for the Faeries. A shrine of sorts. Place items such as pretty rocks, small mirrors, photos, sculptures, a Faery Door or Faery furniture in this area. 
  • The Fae will protect a home from the elements as much as possible. They will also help to rid the home of unwanted negative energy and bring a lighter, happier tone to the house. Remember they live there just like you!
  • The Little People can hear your thoughts if you concentrate. Concentrate on your need or problem and a solution will be given.


Aine O'Brien said...

I love faeries - and I do most of this. I even have a faery chair in the corner of the dining room. I found a rock at the beach with a hollowed out part and I use it to put my offering (of milk) in for the "broonie"

Annette said...

I'd like to incorporate more into our lives and household. I fear that our dog will eat/drink what I may leave outside or in for the fae. Any ideas on this? And, if I serve too much, do I let it spoil?

Jeanne said...

Annette, it's hard to leave out food for the Fae when there are critters in the house. In my house, the Fae just seem to help themselves to the cookies, pie, or whatever other sweet I have sitting out on the counter. :0)

You might try leaving them an offering outside - out of range of the dog. Maybe in the crook of a tree or if you have a tall fence, on the top of the fencepost. I would leave just a very small amount of food or milk in the beginning (remember they are Wee Folk with Wee stomachs). If you see that any food has been left, then dispose of it. Even we don't always finish everything on our plates!
Creating a "Shrine Area" will encourage the Fae to stick around.

Wendy said...

I have long had a relationship with the Fae, both the Seele and Dark Seelie, can't have one without the other. I love hearing and learning new way to connect with them, Jeanne! Have you ever read any of Charles De Lint's work? He writes urban fantasy and for some reason, I'm getting this intuition to talk about him with all of us who connect with the Fae world. Oh, and btw isn't is someones birthday to day? : ) Happy happy birthday Faere one....

Jeanne said...

I devour Charles de Lint's books!! I am slowly trying to amass his whole collection. I highly recommend him!
And Thank You Ma'am for the well wishes! ♥

Angelwick & Punky said...

Yes! Another Faerie Magick post! I love these horribly.

Are there faeries in big cities like New York? I always assumed there must be, but I figure it can't hurt to ask. I wouldn't mind a connection with them if there were.

Punky has always been faerie inclined. She used to see them as a child, and find Faerie Circles I think she called them. Of course, she grew up out in the middle of nowhere. Very beautiful place, and easy to see how one might encounter faeries there.

Jeanne said...

Angelwick & Punky - There are faeries everywhere! Even in NYC! But you may not find them in your home - too many different tenants in one spot can cause the Fae to move somewhere where they feel more comfortable. Try leaving a bit of something outside, maybe on a window ledge. And be sure to speak to them when you do - Let the Wee Folk know that you would like to get to know them. Or the next time you are in a park, talk the the Fae (of course, you might want to wait until no one is close by before you say anything!)
You ought to read the book, The Good Faeries of New York by Martin Millar .

I've been to the middle of nowhere. In fact I grew up in such a place. Probably not the same middle of nowhere as your Punky, though. :0)

Angelwick & Punky said...

Punky is from Middle of Nowhere Georiga. Right next to Sam Hill, as in "Where in the Sam Hill are we? " Quite close to Tarnation actually. xD

We'll see about setting a little something out for the faeries soon. I'd like to speak to them if I can, and wonder very much if some suspicions I have about my son are true. More on that later, if I get a chance to blog after dinner.