Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Faerie Magick ... 101c

This week's post is about grounding. Grounding is a very powerful and effective means of releasing negative energy back into Mother Earth. Grounding can also release other types of negative energy such as pain, stress, anxiety, worries, etc. Grounding helps us to remain focused and centered - to keep our spiritual energy from being scattered. If a person can properly ground them-self, then they can be much more effective at meditating (and encountering the Fae).

The easiest way to learn how to Ground is in a quiet, relaxed area. Sit as you would for meditation. Envision your Grounding Cord connecting from your first Chakra (the base of your spine) and extending into the center of Mother Earth.

When visualizing your Grounding Cord try to see it in as much detail as possible. It is important that the visualization of the Grounding Cord, as well as both connections, be very clear in your Mind's Eye. If necessary go through the actual motions of connecting the Cord to your first Chakra and throwing the other end into a hole that leads to the center of the Earth. The more you practice, the better you will become.

Now relax and take deep breaths as the Earth's natural gravity pulls the negative energy out of you down the Cord. If you feel like you are straining to do this, let those emotions flow down the Cord as well. Should thoughts of other people or events or worries intrude, visualize these intrusive thoughts as images and let them flow down the Cord.

When you are finished, destroy your Grounding Cord. Visualize yourself rolling your Cord up into a ball and then visualize the ball exploding into millions of minute particles that are then dispersed by the wind. Should you use something besides a cord or rope, like a pipe or tree root, visualize it exploding into the small particles.

If at any time you notice the cord is damaged or you are uncomfortable with it, destroy the cord and create a new cord. Preferably one that is slightly different from the previous one. The cause of the damage or dissatisfaction may be due to pollution from the energies which you are releasing or even from the influence of energies which are trying to control you.

I have found it best to destroy the Grounding Cord after each Grounding. Should you want to try Grounding somewhere besides your favorite spot at home (or wherever you prefer to Ground), be sure that you visualize the Grounding Cord entering the Earth in your current location.


Heathen said...

I love this idea. I'm never sure what to do with all the negative emotions I pick up from people and places throughout the day. This should definitely help...thanks!

Joane said...

What a great exercise. Thank you!