Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Faerie Magick ... 101b

When I sat down to write this post, I realized that I had gotten ahead of myself last week. There is no way I can cover grounding, visualization and protective shields and keep the post comfortably readable. So I think I will break it up over several posts.  And I want everyone to keep in mind that I am no expert on Faeries or the Little People.  I am only passing on what has worked for me.  And what works for me may or may not work for you.  I encourage discussion and/or questions.  If you don't want to leave a comment, drop me an email!  So with that being said....

Many of the tales one finds about what Faeries like or dislike aren't necessarily true. For example ~ Cats will keep faeries at bay. Faeries don't like the sound of bells or windchimes.  I have 6 cats and just as many windchimes and I have never had a problem with the Little People hanging around our house.  In fact, we have had several cats that seemed to be fond friends of the Faeries. I feel that a person's attitude toward the Fae does more than any object could in keeping them at bay. If a person doesn't believe, then most likely they will simply not be seen. If a person is not sincere of heart or possibly has ulterior motives, then the Fae will most likely not appear. But for those of you who do believe, a little protection for yourself cannot hurt until you establish a relationship with them. And the best way to protect yourself from dangerous mischief to you or your psyche, is to visualize a protective shield.

Though the Wee Folk can be encountered in many places, the most common is on a visit to the astral plane - you know, the place a mind goes while meditating, visualizing or even spell casting. On a rare occasion, the veil between our world and theirs will be so thin, that the Fae can be seen in a 'wide awake' moment. But those occasions are rare and meditation is the best way to encounter them. But meditation also leaves you vulnerable. A protective shield will not allow the Fae (or any malicious entities)  to bother or threaten you. Visualize this shield in any form you wish - a ball of light, a star, a flat shield, etc. You may make use of quartz crystals to add strength to this shield, if you wish - the crystal will act as an amplifier of the energy you send out.  Some of you might rather cast a protective circle before meditating and that works just as well. 
**Visualization is seeing something using your mind's eye. 

A Practice Exercise ~ Plan on trying this when you know you will have at least an hour of undisturbed time. 

  • Cleanse the area where you  will be meditating - removing any malicious entities. Send forth an invitation for the Fae to come visit. Make the invitation warm and inviting.
  • Get comfortable. Clear your mind of all thoughts. Now visualize your protective shield - In your mind's eye you will see yourself in the center of a bubble or star. If you feel that your shield is a bit weak, visualize some tape that reads 'Do Not Cross' around your shield (like Police Tape). Or even barricades (like road blocks). As you become more practiced, your shield will be become stronger without the aid of tape or barricades.
  • Focus your mind on an object. {I like to use fire as my focal point in meditating - some folks like the sound of running water while others may just want to sit quietly.} Now bring to mind the thought of meeting a Faerie. Let this thought be always in the back of your mind throughout your meditation. 
  • It may take several sessions before the Fae decide to make their presence known. But when they do, speak with them. But mind your manners. They do not take lightly to boastful, crude or crass talk. You might ask them what type of Fae they are or where they dwell. And be prepared for riddles. It is seldom that Little People will give an all out straight answer. And asking them their name will be useless. An individual's name has power and a Fae is not likely to tell you their name. Instead, you might ask them what they would like to be called. And don't be surprised by their appearance. Just as in our world, there are a variety of Wee Folk - fat, thin, tall, short, ugly, pretty, mean, nice.  
  • I would try to keep the first few 'visits' short as visiting with the Fae can be most tiring.
  • Writing down your experiences can be useful for future reference.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You know when cats look off into the distance at something only they can see? Exactly! They've spotted the fae!

Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

I love this series of posts. I just wish I could get better at meditating. Thank you for sharing the 'magic' with us! More...more...