Saturday, July 11, 2009

Two MUST-DO Giveaways!

If you love Halloween, Witches, Dragons, and all those magickal, mystical things, there are two Giveaways currently taking place that you really should enter!

The first is Sarah of Cottage Garden Studio. She does the most wonderful pen and ink drawings. Sarah will be picking three winners. Her giveaway ends July 14th. So HURRY!!!

The second is Byrum Art. Ron and Sherry Byrum are wonderful people and fantastic Artists. They are giving away a print of their haunted Tree House. How cool is that! Theire giveaway ends July 18th. Don't be late!


Sarah said...

Thank you hon!! I just love Sherry's work too - that pic she is giving away is my very favorite one!!
Thanks for pimping my giveaway - one more chance for you - whoo hoo!!
Hugs, Sarah

Anonymous said...

You are tagged!