Thursday, July 9, 2009

Alien Invaders

I have a small garden. Enough for my Hubby and myself. I have a couple tomato plants and a few pepper plants (bell pepper and poblano pepper). The tomato plants are really covered with tomatoes in various stages of growth. And it won't be but about two weeks before the first ripe ones will be on the table! YUM!!

The pepper plants are doing equally well. The green peppers are everywhere. I picked the first one over the weekend.

But, I have been battling an alien looking invader the last week on my tomato and pepper plants. It is the Tomato Hornworm.

This nasty looking creature will strip a plant of its leaves in no time. So Hubby and I have been keeping a close eye on the plants and picking off any and all invaders. Sorry catepillars, the 'maters and peppers are ours!


AwtemNymf said...

That's right- the maters and peppers are yours! Gorgeous tomahtoes (lol) and peppers! The home grown matoes are the best. I used to pick them right off and dash some salt and eat them right there!
The caterpillar are kinda cute, but I know looks can be deceiving! ha

Jenny said...

That sucker is big!! Holy cow! I thought it would be small a cute...eek!!

halloweenspirit01 said...

Do you have those awful Japanese Beetles yet? We've been invaded!

Jeanne said...

No Japanese Beetles, Thank Goodness! At least not this year. But we do have a LOT of squash bugs that I am having to spray the pumpkins for. :0(

Sarah said...

Ackkkkkk no.... such lovely veggies!! IT has been such a cool summer here my veggies and growing verrrrryyyyy sllllooowly. Lettuce is very happy, but peppers and tomatoes, not so much!