Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Cryptid

Cryptid is a term used to refer to a creature whose existence has been suggested but not demonstrated scientifically.

There are many creatures that can be called Cryptids - Thunderbird, Unicorn, Dragon, Nessie, Bigfoot and Yeti to name just a few.

Hubby and I live in an area of the country where innumerable Bigfoot sightings have been reported. In fact, several TV shows have been filmed about the sightings in this area. We have always wanted to say we have seen Sasquatch, but no sightings have occurred - as yet!
Recently, Hubby and I met a man who has been greatly involved in the hunt for Bigfoot - not just in our area but other parts of the country as well. When he found out about our interest he brought us some casts of Bigfoot prints - two foot prints and one knuckle print.

The print on the left came from California and the one on the right came from Georgia. They are both well over 12 inches in length. Below is a knuckle print from Washington. It measures almost 10 inches across.

Do you believe??


Anonymous said...

Oh that's so cool! get you some night vision binoculars.

Yarni Gras! said...

ABSOLUTELY! However, I hope they stay hidden so they aren't destroyed.
Have you read 'MONSTER' by Frank Perriti? If not, RUN to the store, buy and read it....it is AWESOME!

Jeanne said...

I will have to find it. It sounds intriguing.... Thanks for the tip!