Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Power of Words

What we say can define us. It can also define our world. Words have immense power. Not only because of the frequency at which they vibrate when spoken but because they have the power to create or demolish. Have you ever heard the phrase, 'don't give a breath of life to something by speaking of it'? There is more truth to that statement than one might imagine. When words are spoken out loud, they help the energy around them to manifest.

Let's begin by looking at how you Think. Are you always berating yourself? Or do give yourself little pep talks and mental pats on the back? The tone in which we think not only impacts our words but also influences our actions. Consciously thinking of what we want to say before it is spoken can help change a person's tone of thinking. When we change our thought patterns in a positive way, we soon get a lilt to our step and a smile on our face.

How do you use Spoken Words? Do you speak using positive words in positive tones? Or are the words can't, don't, and won't used quite often? What we say not only defines us as a person but defines how other people interact with us. When we frequently use words with negative tones, our way of thinking will reflect those words. We can become depressed which can lead to much worse things. Or we become the person that no one wants to be around because of our negative attitude. Then there are those that lash out at others using the very same negative words. If we use positive words, we will find happiness, love, and joy entering our lives. Children and those who are sensitives are especially affected by spoken words and the power they carry.

The Written Word is the most powerful. It has the power of longevity. We must not be frivolous when using the written word, for its power can last through generations and eons of time. The written word can educate and enlighten those who choose to look between the pages of the tomes. The written word can find its way through the webs and sieves of those who would constrain it. The written word can heal wounds both seen and unseen.

Words and how they are used can be even more important when manifesting. Imagine a word as a note, a sentence as a song and a story is a symphony. Imagine yourself as a composer of music when composing a spell. The words should flow together as notes flow into one another in a song. The vibration of each word impacts the ability of that thought to manifest into reality. When penning a desire to paper, follow not only your gut but your ear. Does it 'sound' right? Do the words seem to 'fit' together? The color of the words written down also have an impact on the manifestation being sought. The vibrations of the different colors influence the vibrations of the words, either helping or hindering the energy in manifesting. Be mindful of the color of the paper upon which the words are written. To add a bit more power to the spell, coordinate the color of the paper and the color of the pen or pencil with the thought which you desire to manifest.

Not only are, "We Are What We Eat". But "We Are What We Think, Say, and Write."


the dogs' mother said...

Interesting to me - on the old newsgroups,
often words would be misinterpreted
from the writer's meaning and start
a kerfuffle online. We learned to add
a smiley face to give the words a friendly tone.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Very true!