Friday, June 12, 2015

Maintaining High Vibrations

The higher a person's vibration or frequency is the happier and healthier that person will be. Getting there & maintaining a high vibration can be hard in today's society. We are constantly bombarded by negative images and information - listening to or reading the news, stress at work, well-intended friends or relatives, even life's little occurrences can cause a cloud of doom and gloom to descend upon us. 

Let's begin our path to a higher vibration at home. 
  • ·         Clearing away clutter prevents negative energy from lingering.
  • ·         Perhaps re-arranging the furniture is in order. Reference a Feng Shui book so that energy may flow easier. 
  • ·         Open the windows to allow air movement through your home - thus allowing positively charged air to push out any negative energy.
  • ·         Burn a candle - the flame of the candle will clear out the negative.
  • ·         Bring houseplants into the home, they will help neutralize the bad energy/vibrations. If you feel you have a brown thumb, there are quite a variety of plants to choose from, consult with someone knowledgeable and have them guide you towards the 'almost' indestructible flora. 

Now let's tend to you. We are our own worst enemy. We can sabotage ourselves and not even know it.
  • ·         Wake up in a good mood - even during the week when the prospect of work is looming. Not everyone in the world has a job or even has the luxuries we have. Being grateful for what we have does a lot to raise one's frequency.
  • ·         Meditate - this very process has been shown to help with so many problems. Students in school who meditate are more apt to get good grades and help others. Meditation can improve not only mental attitude but also physical well-being.
  • ·         Be kind to others, and not just people. We are all so connected on this earth that an ill spoken statement or mean act can cause more harm than good.  
  • ·         Get plenty of rest and exercise. Exercising, besides keeping you in good shape, releases endorphins (hormones secreted within the brain). Endorphins makes us happy.
  • ·         Eat well. I'm not referring to filet mignon and caviar. But to organically produced food - processed food and GMO's can have a detrimental effect not only the body but also on a person’s attitude.
  • ·         Surround yourself with people who support you and who have the same or higher vibration. Higher vibrations are contagious and will help raise the vibrations of those who encounter them.
  • ·         Get out into Nature. Studies have proven that being in Nature for even short periods of time can reduce stress and bring about a more 'in the moment' train of thought.
  • ·         Hold your head up & shoulders back (remember when your mom said to stand up straight?) How you present yourself can have an impact on not only on yourself but how others perceive you.
  • ·         Look people in the eye when you interact with them. Give firm handshakes - even if you are a woman. These small things will give yourself a boost of confidence and make people feel more confident in what you have to tell them.
And lastly we shall tackle the work environment. Here a person is more limited as to what they can and can't do. So you may have to be a bit creative. 
  • ·         Before heading to work every day, visualize yourself (and know deep down) that you will have a good day. The simple act of visualizing your intention can have a positive effect of your day.
  • ·         Try to limit your exposure to office drama, gossip, and politics.
  • ·         Keep a smile on your face and a positive attitude. This does more to 'derail' those on the negative thought train. Leave your place of work altogether at lunch, if possible. Just the change in scenery can do wonders to improve a mood and relieve stress.
  • ·         Spend your breaks daydreaming. The change in 'scenery' even if in your mind has a positive effect.
  • ·         Don't take anything personally and admit when you are wrong. Few people anymore will admit to an error but none of us are perfect and mistakes will happen. Admit it and go on. This release allows room for more positive things to happen in your life. 
  • ·         If possible, personalize your space so you will feel more comfortable. When you are comfortable, you are calmer and vibrations are higher level.

A slow implementation of change is usually best. It is easier to incorporate new things into a routine if they are done a few at a time. This also allows a person to see what works for them and what doesn't.


Aine O'Brien said...

Wonderful! Thank you for all the advice.

the dogs' mother said...

Enjoyed that. Thanks!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That's a good article. It's so important to avoid negativity and negative people. They can really drag you down.