Monday, September 8, 2014

Grabbin' Ass!

Sheesh! I can't take my Hubby anywhere!
I caught him grabbin' ass not once but twice this weekend! 

looking southwest over the town of Victor, Colorado
It happened over the weekend in the small mining town of Victor, Colorado (elevation 9,780 ft). 
It was a spur-of-the-moment trip. We were in Cripple Creek early to deliver a faux bois bench to the gift shop, Shops at the Silver Mine, and decided we didn't want to go straight back home. So off down the road we went to the neighboring town of Victor. We stopped at a scenic overlook that looked over a beautiful valley and a hiking trail with a few people - and their burros! - walking towards Victor. 

After watching the hikers for a bit, hubby & I wandered off to look at the various mining equipment displays. Not long into my absorption of history, I heard someone yelling, I looked around and saw a woman running down a nearby hill. Far ahead of her was her burro! I got Hubby's attention and he headed towards the main trail. I headed over to the trail spur which led to the parking lot. 

The runaway burro wasn't going any further! Fortunately the burro headed towards Hubby where she was promptly caught and led back to her owner. 

Back on the road we laughed about the "ass grabbin" and wondered what the race was about. As we wondered through town, we decided to stop and eat at a small cafe that looked out onto main street where the finish line was.  

We watched the racers come down the street as we enjoyed the best green chili I've had in awhile! After lunch we went out to mingle with the racers. 

There was one burro that took a liking to me, his name was Elrod. Hubby had to keep intercepting him. I don't have a fondness for horses or burros. 

The race was a 'Haulin Ass Up The Pass' race sanctioned by the Western Pack Burro Ass-ociation. Burros were an integral part of Colorado's mining history. Burros supplied the labor to pull the heavy ore carts in the mines. They were the transportation to get the gold ore out of the mountains. Burros were the prospector's best friend. Today's races are an acknowledgement of the part the Burro played in the search for Colorado's riches. Each burro in the race, regardless of size, had to carry a shovel, a pick, a gold pan. The full size donkeys also had to carry 33lbs of weight. 

miniature donkey
How can anyone be mad when the Ass is as cute as the one in the picture above?


the dogs' mother said...

How adorable!
We once fitted our horse out for packs. We took him on a hike and put our little dachshund in one of the packs. She rode along snapping at flies and perfectly content.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

What fun! And a nice way to celebrate the region's history.

Mim said...

Those burros are really cute!

mita parvin said...

I really liked your post about Grabbin' Ass!

Rue said...

Oh my gosh - too cute! I'd like a burro or three!

JenJen said...

Your hubby cracks me up; you two can't go anywhere! :) I didn't know Victor has a race with donkeys, I've only heard about Donkey Derby days in Cripple Creek. Victor is definitely it's own little enclave. Great photos BTW! :)