Thursday, September 4, 2014

Elm Tree's Revenge

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A couple of Life's crazy stories .....

Wait, What??????     I was at the grocery store walking down the pet food aisle. There was another person, a man, at the other end of the aisle. As I made my way down the aisle towards the bird seed, I glanced at the man who made eye contact with me and smiled. I briefly smiled back - I always try to smile at people I see or meet in public. There just aren't enough smiles in this world! I decided on a 25lb bag of sunflower seeds and bent over to lift the bag into my cart. The man appeared behind me and offered to help me with the bag. I replied, "Thanks. But I got it. I frequently lift 45lb sacks of cement." The guy gave me a funny look and walked off. Later, when I told Hubby about it, he pointed out that the guy was hitting on me. Sheesh! And I missed it!

Pony Possessed     After having various grandkids visit over the summer, the bathroom has had an assortment of little ponies, dinosaurs and barbies cohabitating. Most of them have found their way back to the toy box. But one single pony has stayed behind standing guard on a low shelf in the tub area. One evening Hubby comes out of the bathroom after showering and tells me that the pony in the shower is possessed. He said that it had been watching him in the shower. That the pony had 'those eyes'. You know, the kind of eyes that follow you around the room......  Hhhhmmmm....maybe I need to 'exorcise' the bathroom.

Revenge of the Elm Tree     I have a wonderful neighbor who has a passion for gardening. She wants to turn her whole yard into a garden so she can feed her family off the garden's bounty for a good part of the winter. The only glitch in that plan is that her back yard is shaded by two elm trees which live in the backyard of her neighbor behind her. My neighbor told me that she has often stood in her back yard, stared at the elm trees and pondered how to get rid of them. About a month after she told me this, our internet went out unexpectedly. A cable tech came out. Upon digging up the ground - in my gardening neighbor's backyard - where the problem was detected, the cable tech discovered that an elm tree root had severed the cable which provided both our houses with internet. Never underestimate the ability of a living being from understanding the spoken (or unspoken!) word.


Aine O'Brien said...

Ha ha!! Yep, I knew that man was hitting on you!

....yep, I wouldn't mess with a tree.

I do not like the look of little pony eyes either. They are strangely demonic. :)

the dogs' mother said...

I, too, am a grocery store serial smiler. Score one for the tree! And...ponies, enough said.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hmmm, birdseed as foreplay. That's a new one!

Anonymous said...

Of course he was hitting on you! I knew that as soon as you said he smiled at you.

Anne Basso said...

I loved this post. We've had several ponies that seemed to follow us. I can totally relate!