Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Talking to Plants

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Do you talk to your plants? I do.
Do your plants talk back? They will if you listen closely.

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George Washington Carver discovered over 300 uses for the peanut plant. He said that he was told of these uses by the plant itself! Some people may feel this is quite far fetched but to those who are in tune to Nature, it is quite normal to have a conversation with a tree or flower or bush. Perhaps if we slow down and listen with our heart and soul rather than our ears and our mind, we will hear what the Flora is trying to tell us.
Experiments have been conducted on a plant's ability to communicate and the response of plants to Human interaction. These experiments have been performed by a variety of scientists worldwide as well as by 'lay people' like the Mythbusters. It has been proven again and again that plants will respond to certain types of noise better than others. Is it the actual noise or is it the vibrations created by the noise to which the plants respond? 
Scientists in China discovered that crop plants will increase their yield when sound waves of certain frequencies are broadcast to them. The frequency levels at which plants respond are well out of the range of human hearing. 
Plants also communicate among themselves, usually by scent. This has been proven again and again. But do they 'talk' to each other? In some sort of way that resembles human conversation? Maybe. A team of researchers are currently studying if some plants have specific requirements for sound and if some plants are more talkative than others.

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Plants having the ability to communicate brings about another question. Do they have an intelligence? Do they have a soul? This is a topic that could cause quite a stir.
For over a 100 years, botanists have documented similarities between plants and animals. Which leads to the conclusion that plants are intelligent beings who can communicate not only with each other but with animals and humans. In fact the bond between a plant and a human can be so strong that the plant can sense things about its human, even if the human is many, many miles away.
Kinda gives a whole new meaning to "Tree Hugging".

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