Friday, March 14, 2014

Seed Library

A decade ago, a librarian in New York had a wonderful idea to add seeds packets to the library where he worked. People can 'check out' the seeds in the Spring and then return them in the Autumn after harvest. Since then the idea has taken off and now there are more than 150 similar programs in place. 
The purpose is to connect people with heirloom plants which will grow in a regions specific climate. People take the seeds in the Spring, plant them, and then once the plant has gone to seed the gardener will return the seeds to the library. 
And I'm lucky enough to have a Seed Library located very close at hand! 
Check these links to see if there is a Seed Library close to you.


FreeDragon said...

This is so cool!

the dogs' mother said...

My master gardener friend will tell you I am not to be trusted with seeds other than sunflower or pumpkin...

Yarni Gras! said...

no WAY! That is soooo awesome!