Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Upcoming Events & New Venues

October is finally here. The one month out of the year that us Halloween-lovers all look forward to. The month we plan for all year long. The month where bats, and ghosts, and grinning Jacks (short for jack-o-lanterns) adorn all the houses instead of just a few. (WHAT?!?  You don't keep your bats and ghosts and grinning Jacks out all year long??)

And with October comes a flurry of activity. So many wonderful festivals and balls and other events to attend. To start the month, I will be a vendor at the Denver Pagan Pride Festival on October 12th in Denver's Civic Center Park. 

And to end the month I will be a vendor at the Denver Witches' Ball on November 2nd.

And my artistic creations can now be found at the Shops at the Silver Mine in Cripple Creek. Shops at the Silver Mine is a charming collective of Colorado artists and craftsmen. 

If you're in search of that unique something to add to your collection, stop by Clifton's Curios and Antiques Mall in Colorado Springs. I can vouch to the uniqueness of some of the items - Hubby and I are downsizing and our excess can be found for sale there. Along with some of my folk art.

With all the activity this month, I'm not sure how many road-trips we'll be going on. But I will share our trip to the mountains from last month. And there is one event we're definitely planning on attending - the Coffin Races held in Manitou Springs every October!
So until next time..... Happy Haunting!


the dogs' mother said...

Good luck on all your ventures.
(I keep a few black crows on my mantle
all year...)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Coffin races? Yowza, sounds like fun!

Robin Larkspur said...

Busy times, indeed! Much good luck with your festivals. I wish I could shop at Cliftons in Colorado Springs.Do the coffin races usually end in a dead heat?

Birdie said...

The Witches Ball. I want to go to that!


mrsduncanmahogany said...

I need to move! I need to go to a Witches Ball! My house is decorated here and there year long in honor of the great holiday coming up!! :)

Justine’s Halloween said...

A Witches' Ball and a Coffin Race! I want to go to all these events. Lucky you! Congrats on having your work at those shops. :)

Justine’s Halloween said...
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Anonymous said...

That sounds so great. Here in The ands we don't have events like that. We have two fantasy gatherings, but they are in April and in August. There is a Midwinter festival, but not something for Halloween.
We have to create our own magic at home ; )
Have a magical day.