Friday, July 26, 2013

Roadtrip ~ Hotel Colorado & Cigar Smoking Man

Hubby and I spent our 'weekend away' at the Hotel Colorado

The Hotel Colorado was built in 1893 by silver magnate, Walter Devereux at a cost of $850,000. The architect designed the building as a replica of the Villa de Medici. Devereaux spared no expense in its construction and imported many things like the carpet and rose bushes but native stone was used in its construction.

The original design had a pond located in the center of the courtyard and guests could catch their own trout for a meal. Today a small koi pond with a lovely fountain graces the grounds.

I can only imagine what a sight this must have been to travelers of the Old West. 
The Hotel Colorado was a luxury resort and many famous people have walked its halls. The 'Unsinkable' Molly Brown, Diamond Jack Alterie (and other Chicago Gangsters), President Herbert Hoover, President William Howard Taft, and President Theodore Roosevelt.  

President Theodore Roosevelt liked the Hotel and the area so much he stayed there on several occasions. And according to legend, the Hotel Colorado was the birthplace of the Teddy Bear (not really sure what the true story is about how or why the teddy bear was created - I found three different stories).

In 1942 the Hotel was leased to the Navy for the use as a hospital. In the 4 year period it was utilized to care for those injured in WWII, it serviced over 6,500 patients. The basement was used as a morgue.

Walking through the Hotel, a person gets a sense of comfort that comes with age and familiarity. 

The wooden banisters glow from the multitude of hands which have run up and down them.

Entrance to restaurant made from native pink sandstone
I had read of stories of otherworldly happenings at the Hotel Colorado and wondered if we would get to meet any of the long-past guests. 
We didn't have long to wonder. Upon exiting the elevator and walking to our room, the distinct smell of cigar smoke could be detected. Nothing heavy like cigar smoke can be but something just ever so light. 

Hall outside our room
In the three days we were there, we encountered on many occasions the faint odor of cigars in the hall outside our room. On one occasion, Hubby had left to go outside and only moments after he had gone, I could smell cigar in the room with me! Now keep in mind that the Hotel Colorado is Non-Smoking!
Who was the cigar-smoking man? 

Let's get some rest, we're going 'caving' next week!
And just ignore any bumps or moans you might hear in the dead of night.....


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like Cigar-Smoking Man was checking you out! Hey, did Teddy Roosevelt smoke cigars? Maybe it's HIS ghost!

the dogs' mother said...

Those ghosts must roll their eyes at the no smoking rule!

Robin Larkspur said...

Spooky! And the fact that the basement was used as a morgue is all the more reason to expect hauntings. I liked this post very much!

mrsduncanmahogany said...

That is the coolest!!!Would have loved to catch a glimpse of any "other guests" there. What a beautiful place!