Tuesday, June 4, 2013

'Round the Campfire

Hubby and I went camping over the recent long Holiday weekend. Hard to believe, but it was the first time we had gone camping in our time together. 

The nights were a bit cool but the days were gorgeous! It was still quite brown and the leaves were just beginning to decorate the trees. Summer's warm embrace was still being held at bay.

I planted the Hostas I had brought from Arkansas two years ago. I really don't expect them to look this good when we come back, the deer may decide to have them for breakfast. I'm hoping the tomato cages I placed around them will deter the deer. 

We didn't see any deer close by while we were there but then we had brought our 'puppies'. Just their presence kept many critters at bay but the chipmunks were everywhere. Their antics kept us entertained for the better part of the afternoon.

We sat 'round the campfire at night and drank in the beauty of the stillness and the joy of the moment.


Danni said...

You're making me want to go break out my camping gear but it's already in the 90's here. Camping in that sort of weather is never any fun.

Glad you two got away and enjoyed yourselves!!

Robin Larkspur said...

Sweet little chipmunk, I love 'em! So great you both could go camping and have some alone time!

mrsduncanmahogany said...

What beautiful pictures! The one of the campfire is absolutely amazing!

Jess said...

It sounds and looks heavenly.x