Thursday, June 13, 2013

Random Roadtrip ~ Bonsai Exhibit

This week's road-trip is to a Bonsai Exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens. My youngest son and I attended this exhibit in May.

My son and I both have a love for the art of Bonsai. We have both tried our hand at growing these miniature trees. It is not easy to replicate the environmental character that is developed by their full size cousins living in the 'Wilds of Nature'.

Many of the trees on exhibit were quite old. And many were unique because they were not the 'normal' species of plant used for Bonsai.

Stay tuned to my Sunday art post which will showcase many of the Bonsai we saw.

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Robin Larkspur said...

Jeanne, lovely post. But foremost in my mind is: are you all okay? The fires near you?
And hoping your housing situation has been sorted out.
Very concerned for you.