Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weird Wednesday ~ Wound Closing Goo

Joe Landolina, along with Isaac Miller, have concocted a gel that could clot severe bleeding and help heal wounds. The 'miracle gel', called Veti-Gel, is an artificial version (plant derived) of an 'extracellular matrix' which makes up the connective tissue that helps hold bodies together.  
Veti-Gel was initially intended for veterinary use but the inventors' hope is that one day the gel will be manufactured for human use. Landolina has applied for a patent and is beginning the FDA approval process.

How it works:

  • A Body recognizes the matrix produced by Veti-Gel 
  • The matrix meshes into the wound's surface and instantly starts to form a seal over the wound
  • The gel then activates the body's coagulation system to form a stronger clot
  • The gel can easily be removed after bleeding has stopped or it can be sprayed with a protective coat that acts and feels like skin-keeping the gel in place will heal the tissue faster


Dede said...

This is super! The possibilities are endless as to where this stuff could be used. This truly is a medical breakthrough.

Wishing you a fabric filled day!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow, that could save a lot of lives! I hope they can develop it to market readiness soon.

Betty said...

That's great! I hope it works and if it doesn't I hope it's still useful like superglue is. I'd try it out.

Rue said...

I would like a tube of that for my first aid kit, please. Or for my dad, who cuts himself every time he picks up a knife. What a great invention!